Mobile ordering for the restaurants

We are getting ready to go to Disneyland on Monday, and while obsessively checking out wait times in SWGE I noticed that some of the restaurants have mobile ordering. This is new to us and I was curious if it saves time, in general how does it work, and how far in advance should you order?
Thank you all for always sharing your expertise!

Mobile ordering works great. It seems that few people use it so there is no wait for food. You can place your order anytime and then when you are at the restaurant, you click a button to let them know you are there in the app. Then the app lets you know when to pick it up.

We just returned from the resort and I recommend using it.

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I love mobile ordering and usually use it a lot. I am here at Disneyland now (since Tuesday) and haven’t needed to use it even once as waits are very low this week. One note about using mobile order for Dock 7, that’s a new QS in Galaxys Edge. Anyway, during your 4 hour wait period there can be significant waits for it. We tried to order at 3pm yesterday, and the first available time was 3 hours and 10 minutes later! Meanwhile standby was short.
Have fun! I hope the low crowds continue for you!

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I know you’re likely back from your trip, but also chiming in for future reference for anyone that Mobile Ordering is fantastic! We hit “I’m here, prepare my order” as we make our way to the restaurant (but not too far away so it’s not apparent that we’re not there before it’s finished) and then stake out a table in the time we would’ve been ordering/waiting. The only downside is that you can’t pay using a gift card on the app

And one last note, when it’s busy, be sure to plan ahead! I’ve seen the mobile order return times get to 60 minutes out everywhere with even longer lines to stand in to get food at peak dining times on peak days.