Mobile Ordering & Dining Plan


All the glowing recommendations as of late for mobile ordering has me wondering… can you mobile order with credits on the dining plan or do you still have to use the credit card attached to your MDE account? We’re a cash and carry crew and only use a credit card when we grossly underestimate how much to bring (totally DH’s fault, I don’t know what he was thinking). Being able to use dining plan credits to mobile order would make getting said dining plan super attractive.


We were on the dining plan this past May and used mobile ordering without a problem.


Have you considered a gift card that’s affiliated with a major CC logo (aka, prepaid Visa/MasterCard) as an option to be able to link for mobile ordering? I know that you can’t mobile order off of a Disney GC, but perhaps a prepaid Visa/MC could work?

Has anyone tried that option?


Thanks @Alewis678 - We haven’t used the dining plan the past couple of trips and are reconsidering it for next year. When mobile ordering was first released, the dining plan wasn’t included. I’m glad it is now. That helps our decision.

That’s a good idea @MouseGirl42! It’s worth a try if we don’t go the dining plan route.


In June we used mobile ordering 3 times or at least tried. The QS in Mexico did not offer it. Restaurantosaurus did but we went in the middle of lunch time and had a bit of a wait but it was still less than waiting in those long lines. I would say we saved 20 min using mobile ordering here. Flame Tree had mobile ordering but did not offer it using the DDP so we did not use mobile ordering here. I think we waited a total of 5 min. from standing in line to getting our food here. We were able to us DDP at all three but mobile ordering only worked for us at 1. You can check on the Disney website by filtering mobile ordering to see which places have it.


Wait, so you’re saying that not all restaurants that offer mobile ordering take the dining plan? That’s so bizarre! I would have thought that it would be a system-wide thing. Interesting. Thanks!


My guess is that it was a glitch. There’s no mention of it here, in fact it seems to say you can use it at any location.


cool cool. Thanks


I think that Flame Tree had just been rolled out at that time. I was told it takes time to get up and running to 100%.