Mobile ordering at resorts

They have expanded mobile ordering to the resorts now, specifically POP, The Mara and the Contempo Cafe.

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I saw that it was to limited resorts, but I didn’t realise it was quite that limited!!

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Neither did I to be honest until I actually linked the article and read it.

I’d just seen the thread that started, and thought it would be worth posting!

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Maybe they’ll continue to add more resort restaurants, I hope?

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I’m sure they will.

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Wonder what “soon” means :thinking: We’re leaving in 5 days and staying at AKL. Having mobile ordering at Mara would be fabulous.

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Landscape of Flavors at AoA definitely needs this due to the various stations.

Yay for Pop! Wonder when it starts.

that might be what makes it difficult to implement mobile ordering there.

I’ve never been to any other resort QS. Are they more like the QS in the parks with one counter?

FQ has different stations.

POP has different stations too. Which makes ordering difficult sometimes because you have to stand in line here and then stand in line there. Then stand in line to pay.