Mobile Ordering and water questions

We will be there in one week! I’m finalizing our plans and would like a clear understanding of the mobile order process. From other posts, I gather that you wait in line, go to a table, and then place your mobile order once you are at a table? So this is different than Disney, correct? I assume there are no places yet where you order at the counter/cash register and pay there and then find a table?

Also, are you still able to go to quick service locations to get free cups of water or is that a thing of the past?


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See recent thread:

Also, the mobile order article within the thread says you can’t complete your order until you are at your table. I don’t think the language is accurate. You CAN submit your food order and pay well ahead of time/or while waiting in line, but just need to let the app know when you arrive. (This was my process anyways at Three Broomsticks and Fast Food Boulevard)

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Thank you-that cleared up the answers about mobile ordering. Any info on free water? I’m searching and haven’t found anything yet. :blush:

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Your welcome!

Maybe @shawthorne44 can give us an update on the water…

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Yes, water is available at the QS locations, but you’ll have to wait in line for it. There are also water fountains around.


Well, we were last there early May. In these times, that was a like a decade ago. They were still theoretically doing 6’ distancing and masks everywhere in the parks. We always ate somewhere mid-day and drank lots of water while eating and then added all our leftover ice to DD’s Brita water bottle. So we never had to do a special trip to get water. Actually I do think one time we used a water fountain. Since DD’s bottle had a carbon filter that was fine since no swamp taste.

We shared a freestyle cup and us adults drank soda while walking and drank water while eating. DD fortunately only likes milk or water.


Thank you for replying! Is the water from the drinking fountains cold at least? We always bring along drink mix packets (lemonade, etc) to mix into the free cups of ice water, but it sounds like waiting in line for ice water will be time consuming this trip! Hoping the drinking fountain water is cold or at least tolerably cool! :joy:

Not really.

I can’t recommend those Brita water bottles too much. At least for me, if the water tastes fine, the temp doesn’t matter so much. When you have to cover up the swamp taste, then your mouth expects it to be cold.


Pre covid, you could get ice from the freestyle machines. I would fill my water bottle with ice and then get water from the fountains.