Mobile ordering and DDP

Hi! Do you know if mobile ordering works with the DDP now? It was in the works.

I think it does now.


It does I just wish it supported disney gift cards ;(

How does that work? do you still have to link a credit card so it’s approved? Do you have to choose everything that you’re allowed with your meal? Like alcoholic beverages and such?

Since I don’t use the dining plan, yeah I link my credit card to the app and you just order what you want. You can order alcohol as well. I can’t remember if I was carded but I don’t think so, probably because I am an old fart now.

The mobile ordering is actually IMO a better perk than FPP. I always go to Aloha Isle, get my dole whip and watch tiki room. Now that I can mobile order now it takes probably 30 seconds to order and get the dole whip and I just walk up and grab it.

Since this was first posted, does anyone know FOR SURE whether you can use the DDP with Mobile Ordering? Is there an option on the app to pay thru DDP, or do you let them know at pickup?

i just found the answer to my own question in (of all places!) the WDW site!

Re; Mobile Ordering: “We currently accept credit cards, debit cards and Disney dining plans for mobile order payments.”

Except that using MDE in the parks for mobile ordering on DP plan last week just wouldn’t work for us, and no one in the parks could help us figure out how it works. It kept wanting to charge our credit card even though we had DP. We never ended up using it.

I was just about to post a link!!

You beat me to it, no need now I guess.

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I mobile ordered last week and we had the DDP and it worked. It was fabulous to not stand in the crazy long lines for food.


Did you order at BOG?

Just to clarify.

The pre-ordering at BOG is a totally separate thing from mobile ordering elsewhere.

There is a link next to your ADR reservation in MDE (or will be when you’re within the timeframe for doing it, possibly 30 days) and you order through that. You can order or change your order up to about an hour beforehand (times have varied I think), and then there is a separate check-in line to check the order and pay.

If you don’t pre-order, you queue in a line to use the ordering terminals.

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Yes, but it is different at BOG as @Nicky_S mentioned. It’s pre-ordering vs mobile ordering. But you definitely want to pre-order at BOG. It saves a lot of time because the other line can get long and slow.