Mobile ordering ahead of time?

Can anyone explain why I would need to order from BOG mobile several days in advance?

BOG isn’t mobile ordering, it is pre ordering. It’s a completely different system. You could do it long before they introduced mobile ordering. The good news is that you will get in a lot quicker if you do it, and you can still change your mind if you want something different on the day as you have to confirm when you arrive.

Just to clarify, you don’t need to do it several days in advance, you can do it from 30 days out to 30 minutes.

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Yes, it is available a month in advance but you don’t have to order that far ahead. We pre-ordered our lunch the night before we went to BOG as we were getting ready for bed.

If you don’t do the pre-order for BOG, you’ll have to wait in a rather long line to place your order. If you pre-order, they will have you pay and seat you immediately when it’s your turn.

Confused me too. But glad i did it an hour before we arrived. As i watched the long line of others who didnt do it, they wisked us to another register where we paid and then quickly entered the restaraunt. Highly suggest you do it.