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We are on the road for our adult trip and I’ve been reading the forums but we haven’t used a lot of mobile order, last trip was in august. I’ve seen a couple trip reports lately where it seems like mobile order needs to happen hours or the day before you want it. Is that correct? School me in our 7 hour drive!

You can make your mobile order on the day that you’ll want to eat, but you can do it anytime. I did mine typically at 0600 before climbing out of bed, selecting a pickup window for when I expected to be hungry. You can also wait and do it closer to the time you want to eat, but be advised that sometimes the nearest pickup window time might not be immediate. Doing it ahead is probably better for having more control; you can modify the time if as it gets nearer you realize you will want it sooner or later than you originally anticipated, based on availability of course.

Also if you decide you don’t want to eat you can cancel the order; if you forget to cancel it it will automatically cancel at park close


This. We also ordered first thing in the am based on expected times. On our HS day, I ordered Woody’s for the kids and DB7 for the adults. About a half hour before the pick up window was set to open, my daughter asked for something else from Woody’s and the next available slot wasn’t for nearly three hours.

Some places are better with handling volume (for instance, dole whips at Aloha Isle were always available immediately for MO) than others. So if you know that you want one of the more popular places at a busier time, definitely do it in the am.


I have a similar question so I’ll piggyback here. If I make an order early in the AM, can I change the food items in that order later? For example, if I do as OBNurse says and do it before climbing out of bed, just to have peace of mind that the order is in, can I order what I know I’ll want and then later ask the kids and DH what they want and add it, or are your selections locked in? It takes my kids forever to choose what they want to order, and I don’t have that kind of patience that early.

This ~ I am wondering about, too…the kids want to order Woody’s on our HS day, but I worry they will change their mind after we have picked it out so early.

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Yes. You can modify anything and everything about your order including pickup time and items chosen right until you say either cancel or i’m here prepare my food.


Great question! I’ll have 7 adults this trip getting them to decide (or be up) before I go to the parks ain’t happening :rofl:


Good to know!

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Order one of each item ahead of time before you go to the parks, then go back and modify later.

Piggybacking with another mobile order question. You used to be able to get cups of water at quick service locations. Are you still able to? Can you walk up and get one? Or is there a way to add to mobile order?

You can still get them, just ask for cups of water when you pick up the order.


But know that in most cases this seems to be the only way to get them (is having mobile ordered something else, in other words)

So there isn’t any issue with multiple MO in the same time slot? Because we’ll want to do something like this too. (Except it’s because I want to #tryallthethings)

I was wondering if I’d need to do one order on my MDE and one on DH’s?

Nope. I frequently had multiple overlapping MOs due to my kids’ inability to eat food that isn’t beige.


And I had MO at multiple different locations for roughly the same time period as I awaited The Vote.


Thanks that’s very helpful to know!

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I can relate to this:rofl:

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Were there other places to get water if you aren’t MOing? I’m assuming table service you could get enough to refill a bottle but what if you are just snacking all day?

With only one kidney it’s essential my husband stays hydrated and the lack of easy access water is my biggest concern.

Sure. I just meant the cups of water people are used to grabbing from QS

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How do I modify? I only have change arrival window and cancel right options right now.