Mobile Order Wait Time

Will have family of 5 at WDW during peak spring break crowds levels 7-9. How should we utilize mobile order in the parks? I was planning on putting in the order while we’re at the previous attraction and then sending it when we’re walking to the food (10-15 mins away). Is this a good plan? I’ve seen mixed reports of mobile order being fantastic and saving tons of time and others saying it still took 40 minutes plus to get the food. Any standout locations at the parks that are always good or always slow with mobile order? Currently planning on Pecos Bills & Casey’s on our MK days and Backlot, Docking Bay 7, and Woodys on our HS days.

On a side note, how long will lines be at carts or places that don’t offer mobile order like sleepy hollow, golden oak, gastons, spring roll cart, Cheshire cafe? How long should I plan for in my TP for stops at these locations?

It saved us a ton of time but it can go down of there are too many ordering so I would plan on ordering it at least a half hour in advance. You just click I’m here when You get close (which you can only do if you are close).

I don’t think you can be that far away, 10-15 minutes walk, and push, “I am here.” That may be too far away for the signal. For the most part, you can’t expect to show up and have the food waiting for you!:smile:

Mobile ordering saving time… well, it depends. It depends where and when. I would highly recommend having your order ready but don’t confirm it under you check out the line.

Sometimes, there is little or no line. There is really no need to mobile order. We were in WDW last month. We mobile ordered at Sassagoula 11:45 am, Columbia Harbor House 6:30 pm, and Captain Cook 1 pm when we didn’t need to do that. In fact, it took longer to get the food at Sassagoula due to mobile ordering.

Satulli is supposed to have super long lines. We went there at 6 PM and there were maybe 2 people in line. We didn’t mobile order here.

At Flame Tree, the SB line was LONG for lunch around 1:30 pm. We mobile ordered but it still took 30+ minutes to get our order. That was probably faster than standing in SB.
Woody had medium lines mid morning. We still mobile ordered and got the food fairly quickly.

At Aloha Isle, the line was long around 4 PM. We mobile ordered and were called quickly. But, I have heard others say that they waited longer mobile ordering here.

At other places where there is no mobile ordering, the wait time is up in the air. Sometimes, there was no wait. Other times, we’ve waited between 5-10 minutes. Gastons was about a 5 minute wait mid morning. I would allot 15 - 30 minutes to get the snack and eat, and go then with the flow that day. It’s really hard to eat a cinnamon roll on the go on those flimsy plates! Extra time can always be used as bathroom breaks, too! :crazy_face:

I’m not sure ordering early helps your food to be ready faster. They put it together when you are very close and hit “I’m here”.

Th is correct but I suggest ordering early in case the system goes down. That happened to us. A CM said it often goes down during peak times of there are too many trying to order.

What I appreciated about mobile ordering with a group of 7 was being able to sit down, “take” everyone’s order without having everyone stand in line.
Longest QS line that we stood in was at Sleepy Hollow at about 9:30 a.m. Trying to remember what everyone wanted while I stood there really made me appreciate mobile oder. The birds ready to take your food made me appreciate eating inside.

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We used mobile ordering twice at Docking Bay 7 last week and the food was ready in just a few minutes. I think the advantage of pre-entering ahead of time for me was being able to do it while we were waiting in lines so easier to keep everyone focused. (Group of 6.)

We used mobile ordering a number of other places and never had to wait long (Aloha Isle, Milk Stand, Ronto Roasters…)

If nothing else, Mobile Order is great cuz it saves you from standing on the mile long line to order!!! My mileage varied on how fast the food was ready at the pick up counter- dessert only/1 item orders were of course ready much faster. I usually waited 5-15min from the time I clicked “I’m here” at Woodys, Columbia Harbor House, Backlot, and Docking Bay 7. Flame Tree BBQ in AK always took longer (20 min or more) for some reason.

Mobile ordering at busy times like close to noon I would hit the I’m here while walking the 15 minutes. At off times of meals it is not really needed to hit more than a few minutes ahead. From what a CM told me they will keep calling your name for 20 minutes and then throw it away and make a new one. So if you order way ahead your food could be cold

We used it last week. I found it worked well for some places (like Casey’s), but was not as organized at other places. Some places had a designated pick-up area and other didn’t. Sometimes people were lined up at the mobile order spot, but they had not been called yet. A time or two we were called and the food wasn’t ready when we got there. Other times MDE showed it was still being prepared and someone would walk over and provide the order to me. I’d still use it again as the lines for ordering food were long and I didn’t want to wait 20 minutes. I’d say most orders with mobile order were ready in 10 minutes or less.