Mobile Order Faux Pas or Doing It Right

Just wondering if I was doing it right or being a jerk.
I went to the Sunshine Tree Terrace and placed my mobile order.
People were forming a queue, most of them fumbling with their phones. The mandatory person yelling at someone in their party who is oblivious that now they’re snacking. People talking, possibly unaware there’s a mobile order option.

My text comes in telling me it’s ready for pick up at #3.
Nobody is at #3.

So I sidestep the queue, walk directly up the #3, show the CM my text and go over my order which they then prepare and hand over. OK it’s Dole Whip, they’re just throwing on toppings but my order wasn’t there awaiting me.

Meanwhile, the glares from the people in the queue could’ve melted my Dole Whip.

So isn’t that the way mobile order is supposed to work?
What the heck would I queue up for?


The were jealous.
You were right.


You did nothing wrong. Did you stand and eat your dole whip in front of them too :wink: :laughing:

MO has been around for years at this point. You can “MO” in one of each of the four park gift shops now too. I love cutting the line there too :rofl:


Generally, we Canadians love to queue but darned if I could figure out why ppl were doing it there & then


You were experiencing the Jealousy of The Ignorant.

I remember something a similar thing on Splash one year - we kept scoring FPPs for it as soon as we stepped off so went around a few times in a row.

The standby line, on an incredibly hot and humid day, was a mass of wilted humanity.
On our 2nd pass, I noticed one Dad with a forlorn family eye me suspiciously.
On our 3rd pass he yelled out - HEY I’VE SEEN THEM GO ON 3 TIMES NOW!

body snatchers


You did it correctly


Susnshine terrace is particularly bad for this because they don’t prepare them until you get there. I got stuck in the cash line, for a reason I can’t remeber, but knew I had no one to blame but myself for the wait.

But the set up at ST is very confusing.

Wait, I remeber, my DD had a special order. She wanted orange fanta with the Lava Me Float. So it was her fault.


it depends … of course it depends, its Disney and everything is over complicated.

At some places like Woody’s lunchbox and Liberty Tree funnel cakes, you get your “Order is Ready” and there can be a queue of everyone else with the same text or push message. LIkely due to limited number of windows. Without looking at everyone’s phone and being intrusive, its difficult to know.

my practice is ask people who are if they are in line, or if a CM directs you, you are good to go.


Yet another reason I don’t like FPP. It is very possible the dad of this sample family hadn’t yet tapped into their first three, so what you were doing wasn’t likely even an option for them yet. In the meantime, if you (and others like you) kept using FPP, you kept making the standby line that much longer!

We faced this ourselves. It was never that we didn’t know how to use FPP, it is that our options didn’t give us such super powers.

(I don’t know if I have mentioned before how much I despised FPP.)


+1 Great meme AND Canadian content!!


(Not once. Tell us how you really feel.)



I agree with you. FP+ rerides (especially when paired with drops) were excessive IMO.

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I just wish they would allow you to modify the LL times if they’re going to limit you to once per attraction.


Absolutely nothing wrong.

I’ve done the same thing at Starbucks (at Disney Springs and other places) more than once, especially when the line is long. I’ll usually stand in line until it goes through just to make sure (would hate to get out of line and have mobile fail and have to get back in at the end) and then step out and go to the waiting area.

Regarding it not being sitting at the window, I’d imagine that a Dole Whip would be something they’d pull as you get there so that it doesn’t melt.


Years ago before Mobile Order, I was an early adopter when the post office started to let you skip the line if you’d gotten the label online. They told you as a part of the process that you could skip the line. That made sense, because why bother with online if you had to wait in the line anyway? I got the glares but I considered it an advertisement for the process. When people would glare at me as I was leaving, I’d say, “Online.” I’d guess most of those quickly figured out what I was talking about and started to do it themselves. The more annoyed they were at me, the more motivated they were.


We were surprised at Aloha Isle in February that we had to queue once we got our notification. The poor cast member monitoring that line spent most of their time telling people, including us, to leave the window and get in the 2nd queue. Sunshine Terrace didn’t have that system though.


Hi, I love the idea of mobile ordering but we had a “dining credit” on our hotel room.
You do not have the option to charge to your room when mobile ordering so we were unable to use mobile ordering.
Also when coming from another country the “transaction charges” you can rack up when charging everything individually can be extortionate so we do like to charge to our room and pay in one go.
Sounds like you were doing it right but maybe some people were annoyed at the system and not you.


I assumed we would be able to use the dining credit for mobile ordering like a gift card - I thought it got emailed to you like an e-voucher. That’s annoying. I do have a credit card with no fees for foreign currency transactions luckily. I’d recommend looking into those.


If you have a gift card you can input that as payment, but no you cannot charge a mobile order to the room like you do with other magic band purchases. Hope that clarifies things for you.