Mobile Order Charge CC or Room

Does anyone know if the mobile ordering charges directly to the credit card, or would it charge to the room and then clear. I am planning on charging things to the room and then paying down with gift cards each night. I know that you can’t use gift cards on the mobile ordering (last I knew anyway) but I am trying to see if I can use the room charge method.

I am assuming I know the answer to this, but hoping I am wrong.

It charges your credit card.


That’s what I figured, but was hoping I could charge the room.

Oh well, maybe I will slide in a couple mobile orders anyway.

If it’s the same card, what’s the real difference?

The OP said they were going to pay down the room charges by gift card …

From my POV, it might make a difference. A mobile order is unlikely to come to that much (actually what am I saying, this is Disney :grinning:

So charging direct to a card may incur the minimum (foreign) transaction fee, which may be more than it should be if it was part of a bigger charge. As in the fee is say 2% or a minimum of $5. Charge it to the room and it’s part of one big charge to the card.


Oh I missed that. Ooops! :slight_smile:

I guess I also missed that OP is not from the US.

Oh, I am from the US. Western NY, born and raised.

I think there are two separate parts to that though. The real question was just about the charge going to the card or the room. (we have decided it is the card)

I was merely offering up the explanation of paying for the charges by gift card as background information. I already have the gift cards, so I am kid of locked in to that method at this point.

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Having used the mobile ordering to bypass really long lines several times, it’s totally worth paying for the QS meals direct to CC. I went to get a Dole Whip at MK - the line was almost over to Frontierland through the pass through. Da heck with that! I pulled up the app, put in my order and had my delicious Dole Whip with Pineapple Upside Down cake in hand and being stuffed into my face in less than 5 minutes. Same at Satuli’i Canteen - line was out the door, and halfway down the outside seating area. Mobile order and I was seated and eating in less than 10 minutes. :fork_and_knife::coffee::icecream::cake::+1::star_struck:

I’d happily deal with the charge thing - but at this point they don’t have mobile ordering available for parties with food allergies. :frowning:

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The non-US POV was my perspective.

Which is why mobile ordering won’t work for us until you can do it with your magic band. I’m not incurring transaction fees of $5 for a $10 sandwich.

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This may be a stupid question but will mobile ordering work with the DDP? Instead of charging CC will it deduct from QS credit?


It doesn’t yet. It’s implied it might eventually :grin:

Interestingly enough, I was on the phone with tech support on Monday to deal with a separate issue. I asked them this question too, just to see what I would get for an answer. She confirmed that I could not charge the mobile order to the room. However, she was explaining to me what buttons to push to apply it to a Dining plan credit. Which, of course, is not a thing. Not yet anyway. So, perhaps they are close to this happening if the support people already know the process for which you would be doing it.

Either way, I still don’t have the dining plan for this trip, and still plan on charging meals to the room and then paying them down with gift cards. I will probably do at least a few mobile orders just to try it out. However, by purchasing the gift cards with our Target Red Card we saved 5% and will definitely be saving enough over the course of the trip on meals to make it worth standing in most lines.

This thread has been really helpful. I too have purchased Gift Cards at a discount and was planning to buy some more before our trip next month and use to pay down charges to the Magic Band. This info on mobile ordering tho has convinced me to not put quite as much on the GC’s I have left to buy, so that we can leave the mobile ordering option open. Skipping long lines is definitely worth a little extra expense to me when I have 2 small kids! Thanks!

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I did that myself, I did not purchase the entire amount of my food budget in GC’s partly for this reason. Also, because if I end up under budget I didn’t want to have left overs. Although, who am I kidding? I would have spent it on something else.

Now, if they would let me pay my Disney Visa bill with gift cards, I could have the best of both worlds. Oh well.

Will be great if they update everything to match the BOG interface for allergies!

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Good point! That system works with allergies. Doesn’t seem that hard to add it to the mobile ordering.