Mobile Order - available at all places, like Today Cafe?

Sorry for the flurry of questions. Is Mobile Order available at all places, and also during Early Access?

For example, if we entered park at 8AM (Early Access), and had our mobile order ready, then went to Minions, then picked up our order at Today Cafe, would that work?

I was going to take time to eat breakfast at Leaky Cauldron, but the food just isn’t up our alley, so we’ll just stop in for a frozen butter beer instead.

I can’t answer, specifically, but in the app, if you go to the eatery, it will indicate whether you can mobile order or not. (TODAY Cafe does allow mobile ordering.)

As far as EPA access…I wouldn’t count on it. I can’t say that there won’t be ANY places open, but not sure many would be. But…you could definitely place your Mobile order for right at 9:00 am when it opens, after riding Minions.

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Mobile order is not available at all locations. It is available at The Today Café though. However, they don’t open until the park does. I don’t have a list of which places offer mobile order, but it’s not as prolific as you might hope.

I have used mobile order during Early Park Admission (EPA) to get a hot butterbeer at The Leaky Cauldron. However, I’d be surprised if there was a long queue at Today Café even at park opening. People tend to rush into the parks to get to rides.

Smart! It’s also not very good quality! How they can mess up eggs and bacon is a mystery, but they do it every time!!

I don’t really have a good breakfast option to give you at USF as I’m not a fan of The Today Café and it’s about the only “breakfast” food available in the morning. I tend to grab something in CityWalk or wait until 11am if USF is where I start my day.

Maybe we’ll do a grab and go from our hotel, either RPR or HRH (I’m holding two reservations right now), and maybe grab a butter beer mid- AM to tide us over.

I wanted to do Cowfish as a late lunch on our way back to our hotel (i.e. 2pm) so eating at 7AM will require some add’l food to tide us over to 2pm.

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