Mobile order and splitting DDP

My son is 2 and not on DDP if I want to use mobile ordering and pay cash for some and credits for other items can I do this or are 2 separate orders necessary?

Dont believe you can pay cash on mobile order at all. Pretty sure it is DDP or credit card only. You can’t even use gift cards at the moment.

By cash I meant credit.

Pretty sure you need to do two separate orders, I don’t believe there is a way to single out items you want to pay for using the DDP versus “cash”. No doubt someone will correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

Bumping this up to see if I can get an answer in splitting. I saw some things on chat today indicating that you can split credit and DDP on a mobile order. Can anyone confirm?

I couldn’t figure out how to do that last summer.

When using Mobile Ordering with DDP how do they know how to choose the correct person for using the credits. Is each person supposed to place a separate mobile order to use their DDP credits?

Credits are pulled for your room so it doesn’t matter. Even for kids, for QS it’s all valued the same.

And yo can split at the check out screen where you need to review your order, hot Edit or modify order and it will let you change the payment method per item that way.

DDP credits are pooled for the room, so anyone in the room can use all the credits. They will just deduct the credits from whoever does the order / collects. (Not sure when they deduct credits).

The pooling of credits is useful to know. If you give your kids / teens the PIN to be able to use them, they could wipe you out of snack credits on Mickey bars in one day. :joy:

I made sure my boys (older teen and 21) knew they would be answerable if multiple snacks were used up!

This must be a change from last year. I had a horrible time at Casey’s with mobile order. It would only let me pay with my DxDP credits even though I wanted to pay OOP. Super frustrating. Hopefully it will work better for us in December!

It was tough to figure out and no one could answer me ahead of time but it worked.