Mobile Food Ordering Timing

How does this work from a timing perspective. Do I place my mobile order once I get to the QS? Or can I place my order hours in advance and tap in once there? If both are options is there an advantage to one or the other?

From my experience this week you should put your order in before you actually want the food. Then when you are going to head that way you should click the I am here button. That is when they will make your food. Then when it is ready it will say you can pick it up. Don’t wait until you are at the restaurant. Depending on if it is during lunch or dinner rush it can still take a while to get your order


I found it better to have eyes on the mobile order pickup area before committing to the order, in some cases the mobile orders are so backed up (aloha isle, I"m looking at you!) that it’s better to get in line. the reverse is also true, I walked past a long line of people at chh waiting to order, saw no one standing around the mobile pickup, ordered and ate before some of those poor suckers even got to order. but I don’t trust it without visual confirmation!


This is such a good suggestion. My mobile order at Aloha Isle took much longer than standing in the regular line would have.

Oh, yes! There was nobody in line at Captain Cook’s, Sassagoula, and CHH. In fact, they couldn’t find our order at Sassagoula.

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I ordered ahead. Sometimes it will go down during peak times. It is nice to check in the lines though. Cosmic Rays is always a zoo. I just wanted a soda and got in a huge line. I ordered while in line and my soda was ready in a minute. The line I had been in hardly moved!

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