Mobile DIning Orders

I am a little nervous about making mobile dining orders. I am excited about it as well. We are a party of 12 and have the dining plan. I see us using the plan once a day for out QS meals. Does the app tell you if you owe more than what is covered under the Dining Plan. Can we use it to order Dole Whips or other snacks as well? Is it something that when I start using it, it will be a piece of cake? Will my other adults be confused by it? Does it really save time and frustration? I have some picky 10-year-old eater who will want to see pictures before they order, will the get a good enough picture from the app? Any other tips you have to share with me would be appreciated.

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I am a great fan of mobile order and use it whenever I can! It should have your dining plan entitlements listed, and will also tell you how many credits your order is using before you check out. You can definitely use it to order dole whips - a smart move since the lines are often long.

Personally, I don’t find it confusing at all. DH has never used it, so I can’t give you a second opinion. The food pics are good, but what you get will obviously look slightly different, just like they do in McDonald’s etc.

Bear in mind that you can order several hours ahead, or right before you plan to eat. Do whichever works for you. Once you press the “I am here” button it usually takes 3-4 minutes for your order to be ready. Perfect for finding a table. :slight_smile:


Get familiar with the app ahead of time. You can go in and create an order now for practice. Obviously you don’t submit it but you can go through all the other steps. I do this just to look at the menus before my trip. It is really easy once you do it.


I’m not sure what happens if you run out of QS but have TS. On my last day, I was ordering at Cosmic Rays and was out of QS but had TS left for CRT and it was calculating like it wanted to take credits and I was scared it would take TS. I found out that if you hit modify order you can change the payment type for each item. This way you can split paying with DDP and CC if you want.

You can’t get a good look at items on the app but you can make modifications. I suggest placing an order at least a half hour in advance in case the app goes down which it does.

It definitely saves time. Lines can get nuts. Used it for even ordering a soda only at Cosmic.