Moana Water fountain oddities

I have ZERO interest in the over-hyped water fountain that is Moana Water Adventure at Epcot.

Come on.
There is sooooo much that Epcot needs and needs refurbished, so they give us a water fountain.

Didn’t we all learn about the water cycle in 3rd grade?? What’s the point of this?? Touching water??

Now that the entrance of the exhibit is plaqued with a diahhrea sign, you guys go enjoy it. I’ll pass. haha.

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I have watched a couple of walk-through videos and I think it looks absolutely stunning and engaging! Better than many of the rides at WDW if I’m honest.

I agree that Epcot needs more rides and refurbishments though, starting with the Imagination Pavilion (as Len and Jim talked about this week on the Disney Dish).


Something I have loved at Epcot since I was a kid is the jumping fountains by the Imagination Pavilion. So, I think this is a step up from there. I don’t think it is a major attraction, but I think it adds to the World Nature area nicely. Just drop the Moana theme!


Was it worth the — what? — four years of demolition and building work that it somehow needed?

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This is exactly what I said on another thread! If it can halfway capture the magic I felt with those fountains, I am all for it!


Maybe not but those four years are over and it’s now here, so … :man_shrugging:


This I will never understand. I am also perplexed by the fact that it is an “attraction” so we will have to walk around it?

But my inner child is looking forward to it.


Agree. I’m excited about seeing it.


Do they have this sign at Casey Jr? I’m just curious. I’ll be a little honest that after seeing this sign I was expecting a much more comprehensive “splash pad” experience, but I still think it will be enjoyable! But major attraction designation I reserve until I’ve seen it.

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I think it is worth noting that after the years it has taken to build this, this isn’t the ONLY thing we’ve gotten. GOTG, Remy, and Space 220 have also all opened. We were supposed to get more in the World Celebration area…but thanks in part to COVID and in part to Chapek, those plans were dropped (along with others). But the work on the Moana attraction was well underway. Cancelling it wasn’t an option…but it was still part of a major infrastructure rework of the area.

They could have done it faster, we all know that. But I think it isn’t fair to suggest all the headaches we have dealt with in EPCOT have resulted in just this attraction. It is much more complex than that.

What would have been annoying more is if we had to deal with Wallcot for so many years, and they DIDN’T open this attraction. But it is just one piece of a larger transformation that was meant to take place. We still ended up with SOME of that transformation. And…truth is, while I’m disappointed we’re not getting what we originally were “promised”, I’m happy to at least see this attraction, as well as the tree-i-fi-cation of the World Celebration area. I think it will beautify the area, even if it isn’t adding much else.


I’m in the midst of planning a Disneyland Paris trip and it seems to me that something DLP has that WDW doesn’t have so much is things like this that aren’t rides, but are attractions that absorb some people from ride lines. This seems to fill the same slot as the Swiss Family Treehouse - you can be walking by, pop in, see something cool for a few minutes, and then get back to waiting in lines. I’m looking forward to seeing it.


I am actually glad it isn’t this. I would have zero interest in an area where I would get soaked. I like how this is a place you can interact with the water but not necessarily get soaked.


Is there more work to be done in EP? Absolutely.

Will I enjoy Journey of Water? I think so! I’m happy that construction walls are coming down and that this something original to WDW.


I refuse to judge any attraction (major or minor) or restaurant until I experience it in person.


I feel confident that with the size of this that it could easily have been both.

I was going to jump on the naysayer bandwagon, but I agree with you, bswan. I vowed never to enter a skyliner gondola and now they are my favorites!


I’m disappointed in Spaceship Earth not getting the major refurb it needs and to some extent, the Play Pavillion.
Future World, as it will always be known to me, feels disjointed. I’m just glad the walls are coming down.


I am excited for it. EPCOT is all about Imagination. I mean, there’s a whole song about it and stuff. Seriously, though. It looks beautiful and the Moana theme is fitting, IMO. There’s a whole song about that also. :laughing: The people who enjoy the trains in Germany and think LWTL is an awesome ride (me) will love Journey of Water. (Is that what it’s called?)


Yes, I did - but that was back in the 60s. I wouldn’t bet that’s the case these days.

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My kids (DS10 and DS9) learned all about the water cycle in 1st grade and will go nuts for this.