Moana Live Action movie?

Not sure which category this belongs…I saw something today that indicated there is going to be a Moana live action movie made by Disney. Has this been discussed here already?

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I did not see any posts here (but may have missed them). I did read something about Dwayne Johnson being in it?

There’s been a little bit of discussion here and there but no other thread started

I just know that they better not ruin Shiny.


like any of it


I’ll repeat my thoughts from another thread.

I’m kind of tired of them making every animated movie into live action, but, the live action Little Mermaid looks beautiful so….:woman_shrugging:


I’ve been thinking about this, and have wondered if it comes down to technology. The fact is, many of the animated movies, we just didn’t have the technology to make them believably live-action before…but now we do. I think the transition to live action is a natural one in that sense.

What I do wonder is, long term, does this mean we might see a reduction of traditionally animated films? The fact is, many “live action” films have actually MORE animation in them (computer-generated) than their original animated counterparts.

I’m not sure what I think of the practice. From a money-making perspective, I think it is a no-brainer for Disney, though.

I think it’s less likely they’ll mess up the ‘human’ characters vs the animal/other characters.

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absolutely stupid idea to remake Moana so soon.

The whole point of the live action remakes were to

  1. capitalize on nostalgia
  2. refresh/update the IP’s familiarity
  3. extend the copyright

This will serve none of those


I agree…although, I would insert number zero in there as “make lots of money”. Normally, they would try to rely on your number 1 for that…but I think Disney is in a problematic situation right now. They are losing money in pretty much everything other than the parks, and they need to earn money with their movies. I think they may be desperate to make some “instant cash” from sure-fire things in the short term, even if it is against your points 1, 2, and 3.

I think if Disney was otherwise sitting pretty, financially speaking, they wouldn’t do this now. But there is less creative investment to do this to Moana for quick financial return.

But the problem is that it won’t be instant cash though. It’s going to require a HEAVY investment to get it off the ground, require at least 2 years to bake, and then it will not preform well enough to really justify it.

It’ll likely break even, maybe even a small profit, but nothing like, say, an Avatar style profit margin.

They still haven’t even seen how Snow White is going to do yet or Little Mermaid. They’d be far better off applying these energies elsewhere.


Nothing wrong with different artistic takes on the same idea, but some of these have been better than others for sure. Does seem a quick turnaround for Moana.

I wonder if there will ever be live action Fantasia starring a park Mickey in costume. :laughing:

Yeah. I put quotes around “instant cash” for that reason. But, they speed up the time-line by taking IP off the shelf. Basically, the script is already written, and they know what things are going to need to look like, etc. This means the turnaround for this will be much faster than something more original.

I was really surprised to see this announcement. I mean…Moana is so incredibly fresh already. :confused:

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They’ve been talking about this for so long now I thought I missed its release.

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I mean maybe

I’ll be totally honest and say the only live action I’ve really liked has been Cinderella.

I enjoyed the others, for the most part, but dang I’m tired of retelling the same stories over and over.

Maybe this:

is why Cinderella works for me. It’s old enough to offer that, both to me from when I was little, and to me as a mom to one little girl who watched that dang movie daily for what felt like years.


Me too, although I know that @ScottFL has already taken this to the top, so it’s likely all moot anyway :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl:

Moana live action is too soon.

Were ready for the Little Mermaid because that came out 34 years ago.

Moana only came out 7 years ago and the animation is still awesome, so leave it alone, for now at least.


Well that hurt.


The one theory, I think it was WDWNT who posted it, that makes sense was it was to bolster or support an AK expansion of Moana.

Still dumb though.

I submit “Pinocchio” as exhibit A, your honor! yeeeech. :rofl:

In all seriousness, they should have redid something else…Where are we at with a new 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Swiss Family Robinson? Sword and the Stone? Aristocats? Fox and the Hound? TRON 3!? Great Mouse Dective? Rescuers (not for me but i think most loved them), Flight of the Navigator? Rocketeer?!

Or, yeah, Fantasia? Make a whole movie on Mickey being the sorcerer’s apprentenice? (look, if they can make movie off a ride of the Pirates of the Caribbean, they can make that).

We should rebooting things that need rebooting… like the last 3 Star Wars sequels :slight_smile: