Moana Journey of Water Entry

Just curious what everyone thinks about how crowds will be handled when Moana Journey of Water opens. Will they have to do a queue or do yall think its easy for them to just let it be open for all?

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Not trying to be obtuse… Are you asking about opening week / month or permanent daily operations?

I ask because I do think they’ll have a queue or entry method when it opens - as most WDW attractions do these days.

However, after it’s been open for a while I presume it will be open like “SW:GE” is now versus how it opened.

Yes, i meant initially. I’m planning a January trip, hoping its not another VQ we have to wake up for lol.

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I highly doubt it. I think it’s going to be more of a walk thru/interactive exhibit and therefore it might have lines but they’ll move. One day it’ll be like Swiss Family Treehouse with no line ever I bet