Moana at MVMCP

I am working on the touring plan for our night at MVMCP on Dec 14th. I have read that Moana may be there??? Anyone with any information on her location/wait times, etc is greatly appreciated!

There is some of the info on Kenny the pirate’s site, but because it’s a paid site I can’t post his info on here. If your willing to spend the $10 the character locator service is a good buy in my mind

Moana was to the left of Jungle Cruise. The line was about 30 min long by 6:15 pm. Or at least that was my experience when I was there on the 9th.

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She will definitely be one of the more popular characters since she doesn’t meet often, so general advice is to line up really early or take your chances closer to the end of the night for shorter lines. Be aware - I have read feedback from people who have already been to MVMCP that any character line might “close” before the end of the Party if there are enough people still in line that have to be seen.