Anyone attended Villians Soiree tonight at the first party? Recommend?

@daisykingdom91 posted this link to a review on OldChat this morning:

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Here is the link that @Sorcerers_Apprentice posted.

My thoughts as posted on Chat:
I take everything with a grain of salt. It probably wasn’t as bad as Pete said or as good as the DJ’s thought. Personally, I think that an hour for some dessert and characters is plenty of time. We usually take that long for a character meal. I will be sure to get there early (like always) to make sure we have time for the initial character photos.


Thanks for reposting my link. :slight_smile:

Here is another review I found. This one is also positive so I’m feeling much better about the event.

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Thanks @daisykingdom91! Im getting excited about this addition to an already awesome event!