MNSSHP: Yay or Nay?

Trying to decide whether to break the bank (almost $700) and go to the MNSSHP in October. It would be on our rest day. We have a 10-day trip so there is time.

We went to Xmas party back in 2016, I think? and enjoyed it (snoap on main street and parade made it fun!!) but it was considerably cheaper back then and now my kids are Disney adults.

Alternatively, I could use some of that money for ILLs, Lyfts/Minnie Vans, Cali Grill or just keep it.
Is the party fun? Unique enough to be worth $$? Super crowded? Do I need to wait for August reviews first?

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That’s a tough choice. Some of the things at MNSSHP can be seen by watching videos - shows, parade, fireworks, people in costume - if you didn’t go. But you would miss out on the special character meet and greets (if that matters), you can’t “do” them by watching a video. Some of the rides may have shorter lines.

But if you didn’t go, then you could spend the money on things you do (not see by watching videos) such as ILLs, Lyfts/Minnie Vans, Cali Grill, or keeping it. For your group, I’d be tempted to use the money on the other things, not MNSSHP, if money is tight.

In 2019, DH and I went and really enjoyed it, especially seeing people in clever costumes, the Cadaver Dans, and the sparking shovels of the gravediggers in the parade. But we don’t spend money on things like Lyfts/Minnie Vans and Cali Grill.


Full disclosure: I’m Halloween people… scary, not so scary, I love it all.

I’ve always liked the Halloween party better than Christmas. The fireworks show is the best, because it’s villains, so it’s a really different feel altogether. If you like candy and fruit snacks then the trick or treating is A+… they encourage adults to do it too, and we’ve done it twice with only adults. This is our combined haul for 4 of of us in 2019

In 2012ish one of my adult friends got really excited that they were handing out fruit snacks, and the CMs stuffed her bag full.

I haven’t seen whether they’re doing the big villain stage show at the castle this year, but that’s always a fun time, and the Halloween parade is my favorite of all the parades they’ve ever had.

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We bought MNSSHP party tickets for next week. I like summer nighttime touring so this was a no brainer for us.

WDW does Halloween well.

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We did it in August 2019, the last time we went to WDW. At that time we had DS11, 8, and 4 with us. The kids loved the trick or treating. The party night was early in our week and the candy provided many park bag snacks the remaining days.

I have to be honest, we walked out thinking it was not worth the extra ticket overall. My DS11 agreed too.

If you go, do all ya all a favor and don’t show up too early. Between 4p and 6p, it was a mad house of humanity both coming and going.

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Glowing review! Villain stage show (if available) might be key! I am a huge Maleficent fan.

Look forward to your review!

In stark contrast to @Nikkipoooo, but everyone likes different things. Such a tough decision, especially since I’ve never been to WDW during Halloween party season before and am often driven by FOMO.

If I were buying tix and used MNSSHP as an MK day, maybe. But as an add-on, the price has passed the tipping point for me.

If the trade-off were party or the other add-ons you mentioned. Personally, I’d go for the other add-ons.

I would vote no. We went in Sept 2018. 1.5 hr to see the 7Dwarves and that is from getting in line early. It rained on/off for a couple hours with rides closing for about an hour. It was still busy. I told myself that we would never go again. With 10 days you have plenty of time to get onto rides. The party would be more about the fireworks, the atmosphere and seeing characters. Is that worth it to your family?

I think I have convinced my wife to go to a water park instead for our 11 day trip later this month. It is crazy to think that a one day Universal ticket is about the same price (not including transportation).

Wow! You have serious patience that my family does not possess.
You made some good additional points to consider.

However, if you do go and want to see a main character I would suggest arriving at 4:00 and get in line so as not to waste party time.

Thanks. My wife is the one with patience. I was probably in line for 30 minutes. I took the kids in/out of line to go on a couple shorter rides and get a lot of ice cream.