MNSSHP will call ticket question

I ordered tickets for the party online through the Disney website and was given the option to either pick up at will call or do expedited shipping (party is two weeks away, so I guess they couldn’t guaranteed I would receive with standard shipping). I chose Will Call, but noticed the tickets are already on My Disney Experience. Do I still need to proceed to Will Call or can I just enter the party? Thanks!

Do you have a MB or RFID card linked in your MDE? If yes, then the MB or card will gain you entry and there should be no need to stop by GS.

Yes I do have a MB linked in MDE.

I had the cards sent to me, but just needed the MB to get in.

Thanks! Very helpful to know.

@pabozich- thanks for bringing this up. I have will calls, but not showing up on MDE (bought from Undercover Tourist).

I think I can still set up on MDE, or can I just print out and bring to will call, to get the hard tickets? Or is it ok to have added to magic bands at will call?

Yes the MB will work but you still need to find a CM with wrist bands. They check your MB and issue you a wrist band. We had to hunt around to find the CM’s with the wrist bands. I don’t know why they are not issued at the gate.

They are. There was a small army of CMs with wristbands last night all over the front of the park.

Yeah, the video Brian posted a few weeks back made it seem like they were right inside the gate at the parties with the wristbands. And he entered at 4 p.m.

Last Tuesday at 4:30 :clock430: there were CMs right after the tapstiles putting wristbands on.

When I walked back to the front of the park about an hour or so later to go get a candy bag, I took the back path into the park and there were a gaggle of CMs there checking the still non-banded and doing the same.

Ok. I went to Dinner and returned to MK. Upon arrival I had to use my MB to regain entry to the park. That done I seen NO CM’s distributing wristbands. We went farther into the park and were given bags and lots of candy but they did not have the wristbands. They did tell us where to get them though and we went to futureland where the CM’s were giving them out after checking our MB’s. This happened at MVMCP as well a couple years prior. Guess I must be blind.