MNSSHP - when to buy tix

Hi! For those who have attended MNSSHP in the past, I would love your input. We can either go on Sunday 10/28 or Tuesday 10/30. Part of me wants to wait until we are there to buy the tickets b/c if it is raining on Sunday we could opt to go Tuesday instead. But I dont want to go this route, have the event sell out and then be without any tickets. We could also go 10/31 but dont want to to save $$$.Thoughts?

The 30th has sold out relatively quickly because it is so close to Halloween. I don’t think there would be any availability when you get down there. I would HIGHLY recommend buying tickets in advance. The 31st will for sure sell out. Usually once the 31st sells out you start seeing the dates after it go quickly.


Thank you! Will likely go on and buy tix then.