MNSSHP - what are you wearing? (Asked in most non creepy way) :)


Almost mnsshp time...time to mAke the costumes... What are you wearing or thinking about wearing??


We went in October so the weather was warm. We chose to do t-shirts for comfort. Found some really cute ones on-line. We went with "This IS my costume, I am a..." My t-shirt was lime green and I was a pickle. One DD's was yellow and she was a tennis ball. The other DD's was pink, and she was bubblegum. CMs commented on them all day.


Not dressing up.. not gonna do it nope.. tell my wife that too smile


We haven't made our final decisions yet, but me, my friend, and DD12 will either be three villains or princesses. We will sew our skirts and wear color coordinating tank tops to stay cool.


Going with the hubs. We are Ken and Barbie. Super excited.


We like to do the t-shirt costumes. Much more comfortable to wear.

Last year. DH had a Dead Pool shirt



I think we're going to do Newsies (in shorts), but we haven't made a completely final decision yet.


ITS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE!!!!! @HappyHaunt1000 anguished


My boys & I all selected the t-shirt costumes. They are hulk hogan, & superman & I am wonderwoman smile nice and easy & light!


My husband and I dressed up as Mary Poppins and Bert in 2012. He wore black boots which was a huge mistake! Halfway through the party, he could barely walk because his feet were killing him! So a word of advice- go with tennis shoes or some other comfortable shoe! It was a nightmare for him.


This was us last year... Ds4 gets to pick costumes! This year he wants to be a ninja so my mom and I are on our own! Decisions decisions!


It seems like a lot of people are doing t-shirt costumes. Is it weird for an adult to attend the party in full costume?? Going to my first MNSSHP this October and am super excited! Halloween is my favorite time of year and I usually go all out.... Any advice/input??


All walks of life enjoy MNSSHP, no issues with you in a full costume. Jus nothing over the top scary, this is about families. I think most people choose to do tshirt because it is HOT, and it is not the easiest to pack an elaborate costume.

From the Disney website:
Guests of all ages are encouraged to dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes. Even better, you can collect delicious candy as you trick-or-treat around Magic Kingdom theme park.


Last year it seemed like we were the only ones dressed up on the way In but then saw a bunch of people,lots of families, in full costumes. I think this year we will do full costumes again, it's just so much fun! Looking at a princess/villain for me and my mom! Have fun! We will be there 10/17 smile


Phew, I'm glad to hear it! lol! I cant decide what to do...sooo many amazing choices! We will be traveling with a group of 7 (all family). I have a feeling my DS4 will be the one dictating the costume choices....something you can kinda relate to smile


Oohh fun with a big group!! Hope everyone gets in the dress up spirit! Yes, letting ds4 pick costumes made me a very prego capt America last year! He says he wants to be a ninja this year, me a princess and my mom mother gothel! Hahaha! We will see! Keep us updated, I want to hear what everyone is wearing (in a non creepy way!) smile


Since we were super crazy hot last Oct, I am trying to keep as cool as possible. Boys will be Wilderness Explorers and I am going to be "Minnie" sort of. DH insists on being Mr Incredible. Like every other yr. He's going to have a heat stroke.


I have a Minnie mouse red with white polka dots apron I am going to wear over a black t and black skort. And I have an excuse to buy some Minnie ears. DNiece 15 is going to be TInkerbell - we are making her a tutu to wear over green shorts and green tank, she is going to spray paint some comfortable flats green. DS12 going as Donald Duck but not sure how I'm going to do that yet. He will wear his Donald hat he got a few years ago. Think DSister is going as Alice. This is our first MNSSHP so we want to get the full experience. We are going to MK that day and probably not going back to resort to change so we are wearing our "base" pieces and putting a bag of the rest of the costumes in a locker and changing after our 5:30pm 1900 Park Fair ressie.


I'm super excited!!! DBF and I are going as Disney Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Standard costumes plus super cute felt fox masks I found on etsy!


I'm Cheshire Cat kinda and sis is cruella de ville.