MNSSHP trick or treating question

I’ve been to MNSSHP a few times, but we really only ever trick or treated as a “hey, there’s a candy stop” when we were on our way to something else. I think we want to focus more on trick or treating with a ride or two on the way instead of the other way around, and maybe some dance party action. My main question is whether the treat stops are in pretty much the same places every year, or do they move then around from year to year? I’m looking at the MNSSHP TP that focuses on treats, and it’s got specific locations so it would be great if I can use that to plan our evening.

We’ve been to MNSSHP the past 2yrs '14,'15.And used tp focus on treat plan both times
Only made 8-10 of the stops, but both years candy stops were in the same places.


Awesome… thanks!

Also, unless you’re going to one of the very first parties, you should be able to find where the candy stops are before you get there. You can generally find a scan of the MNSSHP map a few days after the first party of the year, and that lists the treat locations, plus the special entertainment, merchandise, and food items for the party. You could easily cross-reference that list with the touring plan.

I’m going to THE very first party!

At least now we know who will be scanning the MNSSHP for the rest of us this year! :laughing:


Well, then, that doesn’t help you much. :slight_smile:

I can tell you where they’ve been the last 3 years, but among those years, there’s some variability. Some places have been candy locations all 3, some only once.

Unless we get a sneak preview of the map, you’re going to have to wing it!

I know of a few that have always been there when I’ve gone, like the ones in Liberty Square, by Carousel of Progress, by Splash Mountain, and in old Fantasyland so I guess those will be in the plan for sure, and we’ll just plan our route so that we pass by the other areas mentioned in the TP en route to other things.

I’ll definitely get the new map posted as soon as I get it. We’re going to MK a couple of days before that, so maybe they’ll have a map available then.

I too will be at the first party! Isn’t it hard waiting for maps?

YES!!! If I get my hands on a map before that day I’ll be sure to post it.

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I can’t wait for the MNSSHP this year! It’s our second year, and it gets so very CROWDED so fast!

I would recommend that anyone that wants a picture with either Jack & Sally or the Seven Dwarfs get to the front gates of the park at 4pm, get your band and MNSSHP map, and head to the line for the picture of your choice. Do it FIRST, and bring water (and go potty), because you’ll be in line for a LONG time.

If you are wanting dinner reservations, I wouldn’t waste them on a MNSSHP night. There are so many snacks and quick service options, especially the MNSSHP exclusive snacks, that you don’t want to waste an hour at dinner.

If anyone hears of the special spots for magic photos (like the cauldron with Snow White’s poison apple), please post them on the board(s).

Yay Halloween!:jack_o_lantern:

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Welcome to the forum- love your avatar

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Aw, thanks! I’m a Tinkerbell fan too :smiley:

I’ve been a TP member for almost two years now, but I never dabbled on the forums. Here comes another delicious obsession - lol.

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