MNSSHP touring plan feedback

Was looking for feedback for my halloween party touring plan. This is my first party and I am only going to the halloween party on this trip and I am going solo. I don’t care about trick or treating or seeing characters. Since I am going by myself and only for one night I don’t mind having a packed plan and running around. There are also a few things I am ok with skipping if I am running behind.

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Looks good if your focus is rides and attractions :slight_smile:

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Can I suggest a few things? First, I have never seen 7DMT with that short a wait before 10- even at a party. Also, Space will be posted a 10 minute wait later in the night, with a 5 minute wait. I woukd move some of those low wait attractions earlier.

I’ll letcha know about that. I am inclined not to believe it too, but we have it on our plan for a party night as well also showing a 21 minute wait (or something like that). We have said - sounds too good to be true, let’s play that one by ear. Our trip being last minute, FPP is not really a thing (and not a thing in a party anyway) so we will take what we can get. Our focus is more on shows and characters and trick or treating too.

Mine is also last minutes booked at like 35 days out so no seven dwarfs fastpass for me either or I would have done that. When are you going?

7 days!

our party is 8/31

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I have skipped 7DMT during parties but I have usually entered a posted 30 minute line- late at night.

Ill check tomorrow during the party at around 8 pm to see what the wait time says

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Yes! Please do!

Also isn’t this the first year they are making non party guests leave at 6 pm? I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I hit it great last year right after a rain storm, just as it re-opened. Even then the wait was over 25 minutes.

Oh! I also wanted to say that last year I found they did not have the special desserts at the right locations! It may have been an early party issue but I think it was on the map (?) but they were all in different locations!

Speaking of desserts at the party, can you or anyone else explain the Oogie Boogie popcorn buckets at the party. Are they special like free refills or something? Is the popcorn really good or something? I hear about people waiting in line for an hour for an Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket…

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I think it’s just a collectible. Looks pretty cool. We hope to snag one.

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I think its just like the regular popcorn buckets you get in the parks I think it is a small fee for a refill but people get them because they are a special type.


I think they look cool as well but I don’t know that I want to wait in line for an hour to get one. I watched Brian’s recent video on this years MNSSHP. I hope that it was that crowded because it was the first party, I was surprised at how crowded it looked on his video. Our party date is 2 weeks from tomorrow.

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I agree on the one hour. We’re going on 10/8, so I’m sure it’ll be quite crowded. We’ll have to just grab it if we luck out.

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Will you be doing another photo report, I so enjoyed your last one.


Aww thanks Joe!

I just might. We have a few “firsts” this trip so I know I’ll be snapping pics. May as well share 'em!


Im going to the party after you so I am relying on you! :wink: