MNSSHP touring plan feedback please!

Here is my tentative plan for Friday night. Can anyone provide feedback if this seems reasonable?

Where do you recommend watching the parade?

What about fireworks?

Anyone have any recent wait time info for Moana?

A few notes:
-my kids are young, so we are doing the first parade even though it’s busier. I don’t want to risk them being asleep for the later parade
-we are less focused on rides since we have a long trip in december. This is just about the Halloween party.
-Mickey is intentionally first because we want to meet him with Minnie in their celebration outfits.
-notes section has additional items we might do depending on time.
-We plan to eat before entering the party & will snack or order QS when people are hungry.

It seems fine. The only thing I can suggest is maybe one less ride to give yourself a bit more “free time” for unexpected delays, like potty breaks.

Of course this can be done just by skipping an attraction. (But I’m sure you’ve thought of that) :grinning:

I am concerned with your Moana timing. You would have to be one of the first in line to meet her when she comes out at 5:45pm. On the bright side the line was 45 to 60 minutes according to the CM early in the party. I don’t know the exact time but it was around 7pm.