MNSSHP touring plan 2017

Going 8/25 with 3 girls 2,5,8. We want to do it all. Heading to park close to 4. Does anyone have a routing plan they have used in the past that really liked? Thanks! Only 10 more days :smiley:

Doing it all just won’t happen. The special characters meet and greet lines can be very long. You will need to prioritize characters, shows and rides. For sure catch the parade with your group ages. Also a long afternoon nap would be advisable. It’s a very late night for most littles. My niece (5) crashed out at 9:30pm. You can make a Mnsshp touring plan on the website. It will give you a starting point.

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Decide what you want to focus on. Look at the characters and see which ones you want to see. Some have extremely long lines. I prioritize Parade, Fireworks, Characters then candy and rides.
Your little’s probably will not make it much past the fireworks so plan accordingly.
Get in line for your most desired character early. I think I waited 2 hours for Jack and Sally. 7D’s are just as long.

This plan is great! Copying and editing to fit our needs, but super detailed.

Also take a look over at Kennythepirate - he has a printable map that has all the characters located on it.

I’ve never been with little kids, but have seen them in droves enjoying the Dance Parties - one in Tomorrowland Terrace and one…near Dumbo? Not sure on location or characters, but the littles LOVE IT!


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We have breakfast in the AM and that is all for that day. So hopefully it will be a long nap for everyone. My kids love Halloween but aren’t into or should I say familiar with many of the characters other than main villains from main movies. Do we need to have a solid plan? Or would we be okay hitting up the rides when we first arrive and then visiting characters in between shows? Good place for a QS meal? Better time for the Hocus Pocus? All the help is much appreciated?

We will have to check out the dance parties. My girls loved the Incredibles dance party. :frowning:

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Based on what I have read - there are not any characters that have lines much less than 20min. I also highly recomend Kenny the Pirate so you can see what the characters are and then you will know which ones will have long lines so you don’t waste time going to a character just to find out the line is much longer than you are willing to wait.
That is probably one of your biggest decisions - what you want to do about characters - you may not be able to see who you want - or anyone unless you decide before hand.
The Hocus Pocus show kind of depends on how late you think your kids will last. The last show is going to be less crowded, but that is at midnight so probably not a good option - the second show is after the parade so a lot of people will already be in the hub - so you may be better off just trying to get to the stage early and see the first show - it is going to be busy at the first or second show regardless.

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