MNSSHP - tix question

Our friends are staying off property when we go- they don’t have park admission tickets for the day of the Halloween party but wanted to go. Can they just purchase Halloween Party tix? Or do they need park admission tix in addition to the party tix?

Just the party tickets are needed. Party ticket holders have been able to enter at 4:00.

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Yep, @mkmuzzy is right… just need to ride with you, or pay for parking the night of the event… or Uber.

If it’s a BUSY night, say, close to Halloween or on a non-school/weekend night, you will want to stay LATE to let people get out of the park. Waiting for the Ferry or Monorail when it’s super busy is no fun at the end of a long night.

Oooh, and bring a big, comfy carry bag for candy. The one(s) they give you are the plastic kind that dig into your fingers. We end up dumping all the candy into the BIG bag as we go along, and put the little bags in the big bag until we need it again. As little kid-carrying of candy as possible, as they get super tired by the end of the night.

Also, if you’re going during the warmer times, like we do (early September), dress super, super light and cool. We thought we had done well last year, with costumes designed with t-shirts and short capes, but the capes were really, really hot. Looked cool in pics, but carrying them around, putting them on, sweating in line… well, we’re not doing that again. lol

Have fun!!!