MNSSHP Tix Confirmation Email

i bought our tickets the other day (YAY!!!) and while i did receive a confirmation number at the time, they cast member i spoke with said i would get an email confirmation as well. so this was 2 days ago and i havent gotten anything yet…anyone have any insight??

I haven’t gotten an email either but I was able to use the confirmation number and link my tickets in MDE. I got those email confirmations.

oh, i didnt realize i could do that…i’ll give that a try!

so i just tried doing that…when i got to the “choose your guest” part, i matched up the ages of my family with the ages of the tix. i Then got an error message that said that the ages were not aligning with the tickets. I checked the profile of my family and it should align…any thoughts?

I got the same message, just confirmed for myself I was matching them properly and submitted it anyways. They show up in my account now with the right ages, but it doesn’t say specifically MNSSHP tickets, just the ages and dates. I wonder if it’s not showing right online since you can’t actually buy them online yet. Maybe just not loaded properly on Disney’s IT side.

Must be a glitch, I got the same error for MNSSHP and MVMCP. I don’t know if you will get an email confirmation.

I spoke to a Cast member about that and he told me that it is a glitch they are working on and linked the tickets for me.

Also, the tickets are not showing up correctly in MDE which they are also aware off.

okay, thanks for the info!

I also got MNSHP tickets yesterday and the CM told me that physical tickets would be mailed out to me within 14 days and if I didn’t get them to let them know. I also got the same messages you all did in trying to link the confirmation number to my MDE acct. I ignored the match up and just confirmed them. They showed up on my MDE acct as tickets but did not state what for. I have bought MVMCP tickets in the past and they were linked to my MDE acct. I never got any physical tickets that time as they were tied to our magic bands and that is what they scanned so we could get our wrist bands the night of the event. Now that I have linked the tickets to my MDE acct I think they might also be linked to the magic band as well. Just in case we will bring the physical tickets the night of the party if and when we receive them.

I just got a shipping notification from UPS, so I think my physical tickets are on their way.

Me too!!! Yay!!