MNSSHP - Timing strategy needed for celebrate magic / hallowishes?

Ok, first time to disney in 20 years. We are doing MNSSHP. I definitely want to see celebrate the magic, hallowishes, and the 2nd parade. We plan to be in the Future World area from 8 to 9 - What time should we position ourselves to see Celebrate the magic, and where is a good place that we won't get trampled? Want to stay in same place for ctm and hallowishes. I truly have no idea what to expect in terms of crowds other than hearing main street will be mobbed. Then, once Hallowishes is over, I plan to go up to the villain castle show, then get into position for 10:30 parade - how early should we line up for parade? Will be me, DH, and DD5.

When are you going?

We like the hump at the end of Main Street, near Casey's. If you are going to an earlier party, maybe a half hour before Celebrate the Magic. The busier it is, the earlier you would have to arrive. Times guide will have the time it happens, so back up the time from there.

Second parade is usually much emptier, so you can probably line up shortly before that and still get a good spot.

BTW, Future World is in Epcot. I assume you mean Tomorrowland.

After Hallowishes, you will be in a great position to set up to watch the second parade on the hub in front of the castle, then villains. Can your DD stay up that late? My DD6 passed out at 9:45 last time, ha ha, so I enjoyed the rest of the party on my own pushing her in the stroller. smile

LOL...yes Future World did not seems right...lack of sleep...yes, tomorrowland. We are going on Oct 9 (Thursday). Even though it is a Thursday a similar date sold out last year on thursday, maybe due to proximity to the holiday weekend.

Maybe. Did you check out the blog on this?

They have some good info.

(Edit) ok so it took me three tries to post the link on the phone, but finally got it working.

Thanks agent c - Yes, I did look at that link some time back - that date is ranked #22 out of 26.

Since its going to be so busy, probably a hour before ctm for your spot, maybe even a little more.

Maybe as you arrive, or an earlier day in the park if you have one, you can scout out a possible viewing area or three so you'll know exactly where you're heading, rather than try to figure it out through the crowds. With the hub construction there may be new or better viewing areas.

Thanks - that sounds good - we will be there 2 days prior so i will do some scouting then .

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Okay, I hear that the castle projection show is your priority and you need to do what makes you happy. smile But I will just share a different perspective -- the idea of staking out a spot at least an hour ahead of time if not more than that sounds just awful to me. I would feel like there is so much going on at the party, how can I just sit here and let the time pass us by?? But I am impatient with waiting. smile

b_squared, yes that is a dilemma. I don't really want to do an hour prior and miss other things, but ctm and hallowishes is something on my must do. I am doing some more looking into may be better for me to do ctm on sunday (we have BOG at 7:10, CTM is 9:45 ... that may be more doable) ... i think i will scope out the crowds and make a decision once there.

Either way you guys are gonna have a great time! smile ghost

I have had good luck with the bridge from the hub into tomorrowland. Just make sure you are there enough in time to see the headless horseman that starts the parade. Also during the parade the gravediggers that are with the Haunted mansion float are not to be missed. The second parade is much easier to naviagate crowd wise. Hallowishes is awesome. You can also see Hallowishes from the poly beach if you are there during another party night but aren't attending the party that night. Just will be fine. Halloween party is one of my favorites and we have been several times.

If my party is ranked number 10 what exactly does this mean. There's no corresponding info to tell u about the rank

If you can do ctm another day that would help. Halloween is not to be missed, but you have more options for that, as it's not as important to see it straight on, so you can arrive later.

I agree with @B_squared that I would rather spend party time doing other things, but took your question as to what your priorities were.

And definitely do the second parade.

@Shelldub It means that it's the 10th best party to attend based on wait times, not necessarily crowd numbers.

I can't say what the 'right' strategy is, but I can definitely say what worked for us a couple of years ago. We attended a fairly busy party, but not a sell out. We have 2 kids (2.5 and 5 at the time). Our priorities were meet and greet with a couple of specific characters, some rides, some trick or treating and a great seat for the show/parade. We tackled things in the above order and stuck to Tomorrow Land and Fantasy Land to minimize walking time. DH stayed with us for the first part and then wandered off about 1 hr before the parade to get a good seat. We met him about 20 min before the show/parade. This gave him some quiet time (which was great for him) and let the kids play longer. Have done other parties and this one worked out the best for all of us.

There are numerous reports of all rides being "walk-on". In the absence of any data, does anyone have a clue as to what the lines for 7DMTrain might be? TP seems to think it'll be over 60 minutes almost all night, but that seems to be based on mere crowd levels & recent data, not on any MNSSHP data. If everything else is "walk-on" (and wait times after 8pm seem to indicate this), is it really likely that 7DMT will still be >60 minutes right on up until midnight?

Anyone wish to take a stab at this? smile