MNSSHP timing, rides and such

Ok, I know this is WAY in advance, but I was enjoying planning my day for the MNSSHP and needed some sage advice from experienced liners. Planning on RD MK that day, having afternoon break, and returning for ticketed party. Would you re-enter earlier (~3:00-3:30) to avoid the masses and pick up bands inside the park, or just return with the masses at 4:00? Also, what time do the “ghosts” start coming out at HM? Want to be sure to ride, but not sure if the hecklers will be out only after 7pm, or sometime before. What time would you recommend lining up for 7Dwarves Meet (or at all) and for the shows/parade…want to catch all 3 (boo to you, hallowishes, villians spelltacular)? Thanks liners!

I would either plan to be in the park before 4 or after about 5:30. It’s pretty crazy right when they start letting party guests in. Most of the special m&g’s and activities like the ghosts won’t start until 7. If you want a picture with the seven dwarfs it’s recommended that you line up by 6pm at the latest. Last year they frequently started the greets a little before seven but there are no guarantees.


Agree with @Outer1. When I went with my kiddos (which was Halloween night we went not long after 4. They had already let some in and it was flowing really well. If you decided to come in early, you would have to go all the way to the front anyway, so if it were me, I would just wait and go to the ticketed event! All special Halloween things start at 7. One thing you might figure out is who you want to see, what you want to do! Do you want certain special guests? Just 7 Dwarfs? When we went we got there at 7, rode a few rides, went to eat at Peco Bills, rode more rides and then lined up about 6 for 7 Dwarfs (which was who I wanted to see) Line went super fast and we were done probably around 7:30-7:45 and then went trick or treating and rode a few more rides. Then we watched fireworks and parade. Didn’t really watch the stage show, but that was just us.

We went last year and did a similar day. were at the MK gates right about 9am. spent 9am-noon in the park,took a break (we were at poly so quick commute) from 12:30-3:30. We had to go in around 4pm b/c my DD had BBB at 4:15. it was a crazy mass of people entering at 4pm but even with having to go to will call to check in for the dessert party we had that night and going through the gates for wristbands, it seriously took 15 min. I would give yourself a longer afternoon break and probably go in around 5pm. going in around 3 or 3:30 is tough b/c the FoF parade is coming down MS probably b/w 3:10-3:30 roughly so that mucks up MS at that time. we loved MNSSHP and i planned for months! so please post any questions you have. our night went off without a hitch.

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