MNSSHP-Timing help please

I’m trying to create a plan for MNSSHP but I’ve never been. I know we don’t know times for sure, especially for the Hocus Pocus show in light of the new expected times for HalloWishes (10 pm) and Boo to You Parade (I’ll plan to see the 11:15). Anyway, can someone tell me how long Hallowishes, the Parade, and if you can guess based on prior years experience, the Hocus Pocus show are? Also, do both parades start in Frontierland (by Splash) and go to Main Street? Thank you!!

Create a personalized TP with all of the above to get all the info you requested.

If I remember correctly, the fireworks were about 15 minutes? The parade starts in Frontierland and I would say at least 30 minutes- last year there was the Villians Show and I was surprised how short it was- no more than 15 minutes ( and the show I saw was not on the TP schedule- it was after 11:00- no crowd- do not miss Celebrate the Magic before the Fireworks!

Thanks, Sam and Principal for your replies. I had tried the personalized TP but the shows weren’t scheduled yet, so that didn’t work. I did go on Youtube to look at videos and saw how long they were, so that gave me a really good idea. Thanks again!