MNSSHP tickets - can't use some

I am going to the party on 8/29 and bought my tickets right after they went on sale.
My BF’s ex has decided the kids now can’t come to Disney (her mother is coming to visit - for 2 months - and one of the weeks is when we were going )
Nothing we can do about it - except take her to court and we certainly can’t do that before the trip - so anyway the point of this is I now have 2 tickets that I can’t use.
I know that the tickets are non-refundable - but I hate that they are going to waste.
Does anyone know if I can just give the tickets to someone (I have the plastic cards) ? Maybe someone at the hotel or even at the park the day of the party since one is a 10+ & one is 3-9?
It is a little confusing because they are listed in mde with the option to transfer so it seems like I could only move them to someone that I have linked to me.

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Pretty sure that’s been done before! What a wonderful thing to think about doing in the face of such frustration


I don’t know the answer but that is a very nice thing you will be doing,

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Although the tickets are non-refundable, several Lubers have posted that they have been able to get refunds nevertheless. Call WDW, explain the situation, and see if the CM can work some “magic” for you. If they can’t, you can always HUCA (Hang Up and Call Again), as some CMs are more “magical” than others.

EDIT: Liners, not Lubers :man_facepalming:

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If you have friend or anyone with MDE account, you should be able to link the account with yours and transfer the tickets to them.

What the heck? :joy: :laughing:

(Sigh) - Autocorrect strikes again…

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Once the plastic RFID card is linked to a profile, it stays with that profile forever but the digital ticket can be transferred. To transfer you have to add someone to your friends and family list. Then assign the ticket to them in MDE. They will either need their own MB or to stop by guest services to request a new RFID card to access the ticket. I would first call Disney and explain the situation. As @brklinck said below, Disney has on occasion allowed a refund or date change.