MNSSHP Ticket Confusion

I’m so confused about how the MNSSHP tickets work. I received an email from Disney with a barcode that said I would have to go to the ticket window with my ID, annual pass card, and the credit card I used to buy the tickets; however, when I look in MDE, the tickets are already on my account. Why would I need to go to the ticket window? Thank you for your help!!!

I would bring the email, just in case, but you shouldn’t need it.

Will do! Thank you so much!

You can enter with that bar code piece of paper being scanned or if you have a magicband or RFID card associated with the MDE profile your party ticket is linked to you can scan those for entry. You get the paper ticket as everyone that purchases a party ticket might not link it to MDE or might not have a MB/RFID card.

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Years ago I did the “print at home” option. I saved a PDF with a bar code and printed it for entry. It never told me to bring it to GS and there was a special labeled entrance that year. I have not seen that in a few years.

I am not sure why the instructions say to go to GS. It should not be necessary unless the RFID card is needed for FP access. For entry only the barcode should be enough (linked in MDE or not)

The weird thing was that I wasn’t given an option when I ordered the tickets. There was no where to specify delivery. I just figured they would link to my MDE account and sure enough, they are there. We are planning to rope drop MK that day and then do a break before the party. I’ll scope out the lines at guest services and see about getting the scoop earlier in the day about the tickets.

I am going to MNSHP this year and when I bought the tickets we actually got credit card like tickets made of plastic. I did call Disney though when I seen them appear in MDE and asked if this meant they were linked to our Magic bands as MVMCP had been. The answer was Yes. The Magic Band can be scanned for entry or the cards will do as well. Your choice is what I was told.

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