MNSSHP Sunday 10/1/17 Trip Report Day 1:


We just returned from a MAGICAL Disney vacation! We arrived at our resort destination, Port Orleans Riverside about 3:00 Sunday afternoon. Our room was ready for us when we arrived. We quickly unloaded the car got semi-settled and headed off to catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom for the MNSSHP Sunday night. We arrived in the Magic Kingdom at about 5:00. A little later than I’d hoped but not too bad. First up, a ride on a Jungle Cruise. Our tour guide was great. Next up we took on the Pirates of the Carribean and Jack Sparrow. Next up, BTMRR. This was my little boy’s first big roller coaster. He loved it and that set the tone for the whole week. Next a spin with Buzz Lightyear. After leaving there we headed off to ride Space Mountain for the first of 3 rides that night! Got off, and got right back on for ride 2! By now we’re all getting a little hungry so we stop by Casey’s and get a bite to eat. From there we head out to get a spot for the first parade. We end up on main street with a great view. The headless horseman had to be the highlight for me. My little guy got antsy waiting for the rest of the parade to get there so we left and headed out to find something to ride. Another trip down BTMRR and then a second spin with Buzz was in order! After that ride it’s getting to be time to get a spot for Hallowishes! Awesome show! After the fireworks a ride on the Haunted Mansion and a ride on the 7DMT were in order. We topped it off with a third and final ride on Space Mountain on our way out of the park. Wait times were all less than 30 minutes, with most less than 10. It was a great start to our vacation. The last two rides on Space Mountain we literally walked in and got in the car with no wait!

Day 2: A Day of Magic is up next!