MNSSHP Sept 29

Hi all!

Everyone has been so helpful on this page so a few questions specific to MNSSHP. We will be there with our 4 year old. It will be a LATE night for him, but we plan to rest all afternoon. We will have to do the earlier parade (I know it is less crowded for the later one, but he won’t be awake for that). Has anyone gone this year? Is Frontierland the best place to view? What if we then want spots for the show? My in-laws (age 70) will be there and are also happy to save spots to watch-is there some place we should park them? Any help is appreciated!

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Hey there @wileygrandy! We’ll be there on 9/29 too and I’ll have my DW and DS5 and DS2.

I was just there with just DS5 last week for MNSSHP and he did fine. We stayed until 11 pm.

If you are planning on seeing the first Boo to You parade as well as the fireworks show (Not So Spooky Spectacular), I’d try to stake out a viewing spot in front of the castle. There’s only about 20 minutes between the end of the parade and the start of the fireworks, and that way, you don’t have to rush and try to fight for a viewing spot for the fireworks. (You definitely want to be in front of the castle for the fireworks due to the projections, just like HEA).

We staked out a spot in the circle by the Walt statue and it was perfect for viewing the parade as well as the fireworks show. Our view of Boo to You & the Not So Spooky Spectacular from the same spot, without changing locations.


Thank you @terp05. Very helpful! About how early before the first parade did you arrive for the stakeout?

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Only about 20 minutes. Most people were crammed up against the parade route. The circle by Walt was pretty empty when we arrived and stayed that way until just before the fireworks show. It filled in quickly for the fireworks, though.

Keep in mind this was an early party. Crowds were high, but they might be worse when we go back in Sept. If you end up going to that spot, we’ll probably see each other there. Look for the 30-something year old parents with a set of crazy 2 and 5 yr olds! :rofl:

We will be there also… thanks for the helpful info! Look for older parents with a bored 21 year old and an 8 year old dressed as Cinderella or tink depending on how itchy the costume is :smiley_cat:

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Liner party at the Walt statue! :rofl: I’m only half kidding.

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Lol… well :joy_cat::jack_o_lantern:

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