MNSSHP Sept 22nd-help on touring strategy?

Hello, We are going to our first Halloween party for my daughters bday on 9/22. I need some input and help. We have FPs for BTM @2:50, POC @3:50 and JC @ 4:55. My intention (traveling with dd3, dd8, dgp, dh and adult friends) is to get off JC and get in line for Moana. Is it safe to assume that we will be out of her line by 6? We will have eaten at CM at 2:30, so plan is to just grab snacks for dinner. I’d like to maybe hit up a few of the characters immediately surrounding but then head over to Tomorrowland for Lotso, maybe Stitch, and the Monsters inc dance party. Maybe then hit up Space Mountain and work our way up, with emphasis on strolling (maybe do some trick or treating although prefer to wait until the end) and seeing characters. Is it realistic for that area to get all of that done in 2 hours? The plan would be to then grab a spot for the 1st parade on the right hand side of the circle, over by the path (I believe) that they hold people for fantasyland rope drop. Then do we just stay there for the fireworks? Is that realistic? Am I giving us too much time, not enough? I’d love to squeeze in the haunted mansion but this is our last night and I’m running everyone ragged leading up to this night (only a slight exaggeration;). Any thoughts, suggestions? If we get there and everyone is energized enough for the 2nd parade I’ll try for that but like I said before, running them ragged. If we do make it for the 2nd parade, thinking the spot opposite of what I’d do for the 1st parade for fireworks and just stay there for the 2nd parade? If we can some how make it to HM before the 1st parade, pick that same location or over by Liberty Square and follow it? Give me your tips! No tidbit is too small. Thank you!!

Also, for friends that are staying off site and going to the Chef Mickeys reservation, will they be okay leaving their car at The Contemporary until they leave the party?

Technically no - unless they valet.

It might be real difficult to make it to that 2:50 BTMRR FP when you enter at 4:00 … giving yourself only 5 minutes to enter the park, run over to BTMRR, and tap in before 4:06 when the grace period has expired

I’m headed to my first MNSSHP next week and need to come up with a plan, too…I’m interested to see what feedback you get here

I should have specified, we have a park hopper ticket for that day as well, so we will be in before 4:00 p.m.

haha that will certainly help :grin:

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I will say we will in the park before but not by not much. We could end up missing it. We have Chef Mickey’s at 2:25 so if they aren’t on time then I may be sweating bullets-might be sweating even if the restaurant is on time;). I’m definitely banking on that 15 minute window past the fast-pass hour being legit. I’ve tried pushing everything back 5-10 minutes but BTM is all gone so fingers crossed.