MNSSHP screw up

We’re attending MNSSHP next week, it will be a Tuesday night. This will be our second MNSSHP. I swore I would never do it again after the first…but then I realized that I did it all wrong. Last time I had no idea what we were doing. I surprised the family with the trip, and the party, I even made the costumes myself (we were Anna, Elsa, Sven, kristof, Olaf, and a troll :slight_smile: ).they had no idea until we got there. At the party we hit a couple of trick or treat spots, then staked out a spot for the parade and stayed there for the parade and fireworks, then left. I should also mention that we attended on our last night of vacation and we had been in the parks all day. We were tired, our feet hurt, and we basically just sat and waited for a parade (albeit a very, very good parade) and fireworks the entire time. It felt like a huge waste of money.
Since that time, I’ve done my research. I’m determined to make the most of the party this time. The party will be on day 3 of the trip this time, and we’re laying low that day. We will do DS for a bit, then pool time. I’ve also made lists of all the characters we want to meet and treats we want to try. I have everything we want to do planned out. It seems like the time will fly by though and I’m hoping we can get it all in.
Here’s where I need some help:
We want to meet jack sparrow, moana, and jack and sally for sure. Others if we have time but these are priority. What order would you plan to meet these 3 in? Of the 3, I’m guessing jack and sally will have the longest line throughout the night. How long of a line are we talking about at say 6pm?
Also, where is the best spot for the parade and how early would you suggest getting there?
I really don’t want to screw this one up so feel free to throw your best MNSSHP advice and tips my way :laughing:

Great post. We are planning MNSSHP on or last night and we are first timers.

Some great advice that we will learn from.

I look forward to learning more aa people reply.

Thank you.

I haven’t been yet…but I know from chat that some people have lined up at like 4:30 for character meets and been done before party even officially started. That might be a way to get one or two checked off list before party.

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