MNSSHP question

Are all the rides open? For people who have done the party, what would you say you spent the most of your time doing? Considering adding the party one night and not sure if it’s worth it. Thanks

Yes. Totally open. Usually little to no waits. The parade and fireworks are the big draw though. Very fun!

Nearly all headliners/E-tickets are open (Jungle Cruise isn’t). I don’t do character stuff too much, so it’s the rides, shows, parade, FW and general atmosphere I like best

Most are walk ons - sometimes you can ride multiple times without getting off - just depends on when you’re there (a little rain helps to cut down on the crowds too)

We rode a few rides… especially BTMRR because it is awesome at night! The parade is not to be missed, and the fireworks are amazing! We did a little trick-or-treating, and also a few character meets. We had the best time! Highly recommended!

I suggest you google a party map from last year – that will list what is open and what is closed. I also suggest studying info on TP as well as I have done MNSSHP and MVMCP and have come to the conclusion that to get your money’s worth you really need to have a plan and schedule – I do at least. Without one you can be disoriented and stuck in big crowds out on the streets. Begin the night by getting in line at 6 pm for a special character meet at 7 – for us, it was seeing princes with princesses. Then schedule times for parades, stage shows, dance parties, fireworks, and some trick or treating thrown in. We didn’t make much time for rides, too many other things going on.

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Here you go:

This is one of my favorite things to do. The parade and fireworks are awesome. Going in September. We don’t do the character meets. We are there for the rides and parade and fireworks.

We are going to MNSSHP this year (first-timers!), and I’m having a hard time fitting everything in !! Between walk-on rides, characters, parade, fireworks, trick-or-treating, yikes !! We are trying to prioritize, but are not sure how long everything is going to take…looking forward to seeing the detailed info as it gets closer. Exciting !!

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Same here@jay! Can’t wait… But I need a plan.

I hear that the character greets eat up a lot of your time. We are not taking children so we can avoid that. Trick or treating was fun but I feel like after one or two of the candy spots we could pass on those as well.

Yep, @frischboyz ! I change my MNSSHP plan almost daily… :wink:

I think the most important thing is to make sure the family has down time that day, so we can use every minute Disney gives us for the party !!

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True true @Jay! We are planning on waking up at our leisure that morning… We are staying at BC so I grabbed our fast passes for Epcot between 11 AM and 2 PM. Then back to the pool to relax for a bit before we get our costumes on and hit the party. My DSs are 9, 10 & 12 so we are hoping to stay up to the end of the party​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:

We’ve got DD8 and DD6 with us ! Your day sounds very similar. We are doing pool time until 1pm, then off to FutureWorld at EP to get a few rides in for the afternoon. My kids really wanted to ride the monorail from EP to MK, so with no park hoppers, I thought this might work. We should be rolling in to MK right around 4:30 or so. Hoping we’ll make it to midnight, too…we’ll see !!


I’ve gone twice. The first year we didn’t ride a single ride during the party. Last year we did ride Haunted Mansion once. We always see the parade, villains mix & mingle (and we wait in line to see one of them), hallowishes and then we spend the rest of the time meeting characters and getting candy from the trick and treat. We did the dance party with Woody for a few minutes once and it was fun for the kids to dance with the characters too. We love the Hallowen party!!

oh and we do not like to do a park the day of the party. I usually schedule a brunch at one of the resorts - this November we are doing Boma before MVMCP!! After brunch we swim for a little and then I make my DS’s take a nap before we head to the party at 4.

It will be my first MNSSHP and I will be going solo, Darling Husband not interested, so that day I plan on sleeping in because I will be out late. Looking forward to it. Between liners and some friends I have decided to go. Have a 2:15 Saana ressie then I will hang at AKL for a bit then go to the party. Should work out well. Can’t wait!!

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We have been to MNSSHP several times. Most of the rides are open and they are literal walk-ons all night long. We take advantage of the early admission and come at 4. Eat before the party starts and maximize your time. The atmosphere is so fun. The fireworks and parade are among the best Disney offers.

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Fireworks and parade not to be missed spend Time on rides. End of night candy bags get filled to keep the sugar rush on !

We are first timers for MNSSHP as well and we are not going to do the character meets. Focusing on parade, fireworks, some rides and then a little time for trick or treating and the dance parties.