Planning a quick solo trip at the end of August (making the most of my AP!) and torn about which dates to go. The 2 options are:

1)Tues 8/28-Thurs 8/30
Day 1- MK w/MNSSHP (2:30-11p)
Day 2- RD HS 9a-1p then hop to AK (using FPP here) 2p-8:30p
Day 3- RD Ep w/EMH 8a-12p


2) Wed 8/29- Fri 8/31
Day 1- AK (2:30-8:30p)
Day 2- RD Ep w/EMH (8a-12p) then hop to MK w/DAH (1p-12a)
Day 3- RD HS 9a-12p)

Option 1 allows me to attend MNSSHP and option 2 would allow me to attend Disney After Hours.
I have not done either before. I’d love to see the Halloween parade and fireworks, as well as the costumes, but not sure it would be worth it if I’m by myself and not donning a costume myself.

What would you do? What do you think the pros and cons are to both options?
TIA :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I haven’t done either.

I think the decision depends on whether you want the kind of EMH experience you got when they did it from 12-3, (and still do very occasionally), walk-on all rides type idea, or the party atmosphere.

Some people use the party to just do rides. Others want to see the special parade, fireworks etc. It sounds like that’s what you want, so do the party.

I think the DAH would be great, especially for a first-timer or someone who was really only interested in the rides.

This is my problem: I want both. LOL.
I miss the old days of super late, practically empty, EMH!
BUT, I also want to see the parade/Hallowishes. At the party, I would mainly be doing as many rides as possible and seeing these 2 things. I have no interest in waiting in line for characters or snacks.


OK, try a different approach. What’s the cost of each?

Sounds like DAH is more what you’re after, other than seeing the special parade. That parade is almost certainly available online…

Does the espective price make it any easier?

Also one other factor. The day with DAH also has you doing early EMH at Epcot. Can you do both, i.e. can you do around 6am to 1am? That would be too long for me.

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I’m glad you find my indecisiveness as funny as I do!

The cost difference is only $20 +/-, so not a huge difference.
And I’m not concerned about the VERY long day, I have limitless energy while at WDW. I wish I could find that kind of energy at home :crazy_face:

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I’m glad you weren’t offended!

As to your dilemma, I’m now as torn as you are. Maybe someone else can help …?

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I hope so, because if I can’t make a decision, I’m going to end up making the trip 4 days to do both, which will cost an extra $200. That would not make DH very happy :rofl:

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OK option 2
But I would switch AK and EPCOT because the way you have it you only have 1 hour for WS

I see the logic behind this, but I haven’t seen Pandora at night so would like to be at AK in the evening. Also, I can stay at Epcot longer on Day 2 if I want because I’ll have so much time at MK later. Thanks for the advice, though!

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