MNSSHP on Labor Day

First time post… My husband and I are going to WDW with my parents, who are both in the mid-70s, this September. Our first day in the parks is going to be Labor Day and right now we are planning on going to MK. I am thinking about adding MNSSHP tickets for that evening for me and my husband. I am assuming that my parents will be ready to crash by that point. While the whole party thing seems fun and all kinds of Disney charming, we don’t have kids and don’t care about character meet and greets. Is the cost of MNSSHP tickets worth it for adults who just want more time on the rides and perhaps a Headless Horseman spotting or two? I have seen some conflicting reports about the wait times for rides. Can you get on Peter Pan and the Mountains pretty quickly during the parties?

I have attended a party the last two Labor Day weekends. I do not go to the meet and greets but I have had a great time trick or treating, going on attractions, and watching the parade and fireworks.

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DH and I were there 2 years ago (sans kids) and attended MNSSHP and had a blast! We loved having more time in the park, the photo ops with ghosts were fun and the park decoration is really cool. We were lucky enough to find Jack Skellington just leisurely walking by us and were able to grab a photo with him and Sally…made my whole night! :slight_smile: And, we even trick-or-treated a bit just fo fun. I think y’all will have a great time.

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Thanks for the input. I think I am going to order our ticket today!


I used a Mickey Not So Scary (sans kids) on an arrival day last year to not burn a full day pass and we had a blast as well.

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