MNSSHP on 10/31

I have read in some places that the MNSSHP on actual Halloween night is insanely crowded and I’ve read in other places it’s not crowded at all. Anyone been there ON Halloween for the party? What am I in for??? I’ve never done MNSSHP and we have a 5 and 7yo


Well, that is the party that is almost guaranteed to sell out. Will it be as crowded as Christmas? No. Will it be empty? Also no. It will be crowded.

wonder what the new 300 dollar mnsshp pass will do to crowds. It may actually disperse crowds throughout the different parties. yea it will be crowded, but it should be okay.

This is EXACTLY what I have been wondering (aka hoping? :crossed_fingers:) too! I’m working really hard to lower my expectations and keep them in check. The new crowd level predictions aren’t helping me with that though. :laughing: