MNSSHP non-ticket holders

I just got off the phone with the Disney Dining folks. She told me that on MNSSHP days, I have bought a full day ticket and will not be kicked out, I just cannot participate in the party events. I asked her again and she confirmed it, even when I asked her about cast members shooing non-party guests out after 7pm. I have read the opposite is true. Anyone have real life experience with this? Thx

I have had experience.

I have an annual pass. On party nights where I didn’t have a party ticket, I was kindly showed the door.

You will be too.

You must have a party ticket to stay in the park beyond the party start time. You will be escorted or instructed to leave if you don’t have a ticket.

I’m sorry you got bad information.

Edited to add: many of the dining call center reps are from a third party and are not Disney Cast Members.

I felt this momentary “HOORAY”.
Now I"m deflated : )

My question to the cast member was about how late I can make a dinner reservation at the MK. Would they kick me out, etc. She then told me no one would kick me out all night, etc.

Can I make 7pm dinner reservations?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Last year, they restricted dining reservations to be no later than 6:30pm. And you will be directed/escorted out of the park afterward if you don’t have a party ticket.

and I suspect this year, it will be more heavily enforced. Pricing is still not out yet, and based on the After Hours pricing, I’m imagining that the party tickets will be quite a sum.

I have checked many MNSSHP nights and the restaurants on those days, at least last week, showed hours until 6:00. That made me think that maybe that 6:30 may move up to 6:00? I am sorry that they gave you bad info, that seems to happen more and more these days. Happy planning!

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