MNSSHP newbie question

Trying to figure out when MNSSHP will be this year. Is it typically on the days the park closes at 7 and not on the other days?

I think so. It’s odd that they currently show MK closing at 7 a couple of nights during the last week of August. That seems awfully early for the Halloween party to start!

This has last year’s dates on page 2. It might help with the guesswork for this year’s dates. Nothing’s sure until they announce the official dates though.

We went on September 1st last year and went to the 1st party. With Food and Wine starting earlier maybe Halloween will too.

We’re going that week in August. I had noted that the Friday (9/1) the park closed at 7, and with last year’s dates it looked like it may start that weekend. I’m hoping that it does, as we’re going back in December to hit MVMCP and it’d be cool to do both in the same year. There is another night that the park closes at 7 before 9/1, and I agree that may be a bit early for the party. I’m not sure I could do the Halloween party in August!