MNSSHP Map for this year?

Am I assuming correct that there’s no access to the map until the first party occurs?

I have last year’s but curious if a new one will be released before I go in August.

I am going to the first party. Also hoping for a map or something ahead of time.

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I’m going to the 2nd one but most likely won’t mess with my plans between those few days before we leave on Monday.

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Well at the very least you can get a copy of the map from me :joy:

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We will be at the first party as well. Extended our trip by one night so we could go! I cant wait.


We’re going on 1st September.

What plans are the rest of you making?

We have FPP for earlier in the day (7DMT, Space and Big Thunder), then we have dinner at BOG.

We want to see Boo To You, Hocus Pocus and Hallowishes, but other than that we’re not really sure what to do. We’re two adults. (At least one of whom likes candy!)

More or less what we are doing on 9/1 with BOG at 6:10. Trying to move that up though

Our BOG is 6.40pm.

Aug 29th party – I will be in HS during the morning then head to MK for 4pm or so.

No TS dinner during the party for us since we won’t be at MK all day but maybe QS if we do need to eat something. I will definitely take advantage of riding all the rides that are open (well the ones more for adults bc we are without children too). I’m not concerned with meet & greets so we won’t be in those lines either. I will grab some candy too, I think :grin:

You literally have the same plan we do, @nolacrazygrl! DD and I are at HS in the morning till around 1, break, then MK around 4:30 for the party. No dinner plan that night, thinking QS if anything.

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Last year I tried to get a map the night before the first party at guest services and from a random MK greeter person and was shut down on both accounts. I’m not sure what time they put them out the day of, though. We entered at 4:00 and got our first look.

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I’m sure it will surface somewhere before I go since I’m not going to the first party. It’s just a matter if I remember or have the time to try to look for it. I’m just going to base most of my plans off last year’s and hope for the best!

Could I see last years map please???

Hopefully this file upload works…this is what I’ve found

MNSSHP2016map.pdf (1.1 MB)

Edit: Note that the attractions and restaurants may not be the same but I believe all of those are listed on Disney’s site already.


Thank you. We have a O’Hanas booking at 5.40 pm and by the looks of things plenty of time to eat and head in

Just FYI ohana is notorious for running behind. That might be a bit tight for getting to the party by 7pm. Also if you have any interest in the special characters those lines start building 5-5:30pm.

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Thank you. I’ll at alternatives

@Gmbutler24, I did 'Ohana before the first party last year and there were a lot of people eating in costume. It was a great way to start the night. There were also maps available online before the party.

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I will be there too! I have a short weekend trip and I am arriving on the 1st so I plan on doing a few attractions that night but basically the same highlights as you (and trick or treating).

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