MNSSHP in place of MK day

We are planning on 3rd week of August and I was put off by the fact that the party starts so soon. So I’m kind of complaining to DH and he’s like “let’s make that our MK day” At this point we only have 3 days planned in the parks. Can we get all the “normal” things done if we do the party. Mostly ride focused, maybe a little T or T and the last parade. Just thinking if we start at 4 (like previous years they’ve let people in) it’s 8 hours, we would miss the hottest part of the day and shorter lines since no FP after the party starts.

I am wondering the same thing. We will be there the same week. I had planned on Thursday at MK, but now that they are having the Halloween party, I am reconsidering. My other thought is to do another park for the 1st half of the day and then head to MK for the party. Maybe still do MK on Thursday, but this way we get all 4 parks in. Is half a day enough time to see either Epcot or HS? I am worried the party will be so crowded that we won’t get everything we want done.

Depending on your parties ages I would say you could defiantly do HS in a halfish day. Meaning you could hit the highlights and leave by about 1:00. It just depends on what you want to get accomplished there. If you are staying on property and go a early morning hour day when they open at 8:00 you could do even more. We never stay a whole day at HS bc we have small children and there is really not that much for them to do. Expecialy with all the transitions and construction right now.

@Ds4angels The problem you are going to run into is there are really no “normal” things to do. If I were you I would look at a park map and decide what what are your must dos. We have done MNSSHP from 4-11 and there is no way you can do all of the park. You may can hit some of the rides, but our experience was the lines for the more popular rides were not walk on and still had a considerable wait. What ages is your party and is this your first trip? If I had three days I would do one day at AK, one day at MK w/ MNSSHP that night and split HS and Epcot. I have also done Epcot on the night we arrived using Fast pass and got most of the rides done but we were not able to tour the world showcase. Sorry! I know that is a lot of info! :grin:

We went in a October last year and had a great time. If you plan to watch the second parade and show then you can do a lot while others are watching the first. We rode space mountain 3 times in a row and ran right on. The only ones! But not all of the rides are open. Also I think it is a lot to pay for a full day ticket to use only a half day and then pay for the party. Unless you are AP holders or get some other deal that lowers the price of tickets.

Kids are 14 and 11. We’ve been before. The way we put it to them was keep the CP ressie for breakfast and meet w/ WP gang, which would be like an hours worth of time, or spend a little more $$ and do MNSSHP. I was then thinking we’d do Epcot instead. We’re really only coming down to check out the campground and the new TSL.
Also, if we do this, not planning on buying the tickets to that week. 1) to make sure it’s not pouring rain 2) Don’t want to attend a sold out party because of people saying it was so crowded last year