MNSSHP - I have to call my ticket request in?!?

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On the MY DISNEY EXPERIENCE site, it says you have to call in order to book tickets for the MNSSHP. For some reason, I remember just buying it directly on the website last year.

Am I confused from all of the planning from year-to-year, or has someone heard any different? Was that how it used to be, and they changed it? Or was that because it’s so far out from now… hmm, I can’t figure this one out.

Thanks for any info or thoughts on the matter!
~ Josie ~

Online sales have not started yet. No date for when they will be available online. But, you can call to buy them now.

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Yes, I had to call to buy MNSSHP tickets and it was quite easy. Do remember though that once you purchase them they are NON REFUNDABLE. They are supposed to send you your physical tickets within 14 days of purchase. I was notified by e-mail that mine were shipped by UPS two days after I bought them. I got another e-mail stating the estimated arrival of the tickets were two days as the were shipped two day mail via UPS. Four days later I had not seen them so I tried the tracking number. The UPS site stated the tracking number was invalid. After much effort and checking with UPS I found that Disney had not even brought them to UPS to be shipped yet so I called Disney Tickets and found out this was true and that the Tracking number I was using was indeed the right tracking number but it had been assigned by Disney and was not in UPS’s system yet and therefore showed invalid. Now here’s the other thing. When you buy your tickets you will be given a Confirmation number. Take this confirmation number and link it the your MDE account. Once done it should show up on your MDE as tickets purchased for MNSSHP to be used on a particular day. After talking to Disney Ticketing I found out that if you do this, you won’t even need the physical tickets anymore as they will be on your Magic Bands to have scanned for the event. Once scanned you will get a wrist band to show you are indeed entitled to be there on said date. This is how I and my wife did it in 2016 for MVMCP as we were issued no physical tickets. Hope this answers some questions about the process. As stated the online tickets are NOT available yet for purchase. You Must use Disney phone to buy them at this point. :unamused:

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just booked MNSSHP four october 2 from the uk this how it shows up on the MY DISNEY EXPERIENCE site on your magic band and yes had to phone


thanks @kopitedor96 !

Hey @DocHopper - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your detailed reply!

I am worried about the non-refundable thing, but I have to say, the MNSSHP is amazing in every way. Even in the rain, it’s totally fun!

If I buy the tix via the phone, I have to go through my current travel agent. BIG MISTAKE in attaching them to my bounce-back reservation this year as in year’s past, because I’m much more adept at the scheduling of dining and FP+, etc. With a TA, you have to go through them for EVERY ITEM that touches the Disney website (buying additional items via the phone, for example).

I’m more of a get-it-done-myself type, so this is more than frustrating for me. She is “busy” a lot, particularly on the weekend. I mean, I know what she’s really doing (because of FB, I can see she’s selling girl scout cookies all weekend, for example), when she says the Disney site is having “issues”.

Just tell me you’re busy, no need to lie to me… lol.

Anyway, I think I’m going to buy (3) separate dates during our (10) day trip, because I really want to surprise my husband on the last touring day before we go home. I can’t wait!!

Thanks for your help, I truly appreciate it :grinning::stars::ghost::eyeglasses::trophy:

I called Disney directly and had them sell me the MNSSHP tickets The rest of the package was purchased via a travel agent. After purchasing the tickets I took the confirmation # and linked it to my MDE account. They showed up just fine. Still waiting for the physical tickets but was advised that it could take 14 days to get them and once linked to my account I really don’t even need them as they should show up on my Magic Band. Also if you are dissatisfied with your Travel agent I would look for a new one. Magical Vacations Travel has given some good deals and I use Darcy who has been very attentive but mostly by email.


Thanks so much! Yes, I just might tap on Darcy for next year. I appreciate the info. :grinning::star_struck::raised_hands::handshake:

Where’s the option to link party tickets to your MDE with a confirmation number? Everything I see wants me to scan the hard ticket.

Go to MDE and under My Tickets and Reservations go to Tickets and passes. Press Link and enter your MNSSH ticket confirmation number. Press Link and they should link to your MDE account.

Go to MDE/My Tickets and Reservations

My Tickets and Reservations

Tickets and passes

Press Link and enter your MNSSH ticket confirmation number

hope this helps

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Note to self - learn how to post screen shots.

I have the utmost respect for people who do this, it’s so much easier to understand than words alone.

My answers are always wordy, then followed with questions to clarify. Yours is way better. :grinning:

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I have writing dyslexia so writing is a pain so dont post a lot so if a do post for give the spelling :blush:

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hold down both buttons at the same time this will save screen shot to pictures in side the pictures folder there will be a folder named screen shots you will find them in there

Thank you!

I will try it out… :grinning: