MNSSHP - hours changing?

Hello! I am planning a big family trip for Oct 2018 and I’ve been tracking the park hours for MK since we’re doing MNSSHP. I noticed that the MK park hours on the days of MNSSHP are now 9-6 instead of 8-7 as they’ve been in the past. When I called to buy my tix, I asked the Cast Member if the party still starts at 7 with early admission at 4 and he said, “Yes, as far as we know right now”. Weird answer!! Any insights as to why the hours have changed??

They changed last year. Can’t remember if it was for both parties or just MNSSHP.

It’s to allow the CMs to clear the park of day visitors before the party starts.

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Yes, the change started last year for MVMCP. You could still enter at 4 but day guests could not get into attraction lines after 6:00.