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I’m always planning a trip, you know, and I’m currently batting around the idea of coming to MNSSHP in late October (Oct 22-26). I really don’t know much about it though - like, at all. Can someone tell me how much fun it is, or advise me to wait until the Christmas season? Thanks! :slight_smile:

MNSSHP this will be my first too. Am eager to hear advise

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IMO, the best parade Disney offers (and just TRY to get that song out of your head!), awesome fireworks, rare villain character meets, short lines for rides, trick-or-treating in MK, AND you get to dress up in costumes (which is optional).

Here’s a link from a touring plans blog.

Most of all, it’s LOTS of fun. My son and I have been three times - and wouldn’t hesitate to go again.


Our family LOVED MNSSHP! We do not usually watch parades, but the Boo to You parade is amazing! We were blown away by the fireworks, and the villain meet and greets were totally cool. Then throw in short waits at the rides and some trick or treating. I would definitely recommend it!

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It is really really fun! I would also recommend looking up last year’s description of it on Lots of photos there too. And youtube videos are fun if you don’t mind spoilers. :slight_smile: :ghost:

It will be my first time there. Doing the 10/23 MNSSHP. Wasn’t going to but friends here near home and all the love it receives here made me want to do it. All that I read points to a great time.

We also loved it and have now done it 3 times. The kids live the parade so much they watch both times. The fireworks are incredible. Trick or treating if that’s something you also want to do I would recommend waiting until later. We hung out at haunted mansion a lot too. It’s fun over there on party nights :smile:

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There are numerous reports of all rides being “walk-on”. In the absence of any data, does anyone have a clue as to what the lines for 7DMTrain might be?  TP seems to think it’ll be over 60 minutes almost all night, but that seems to be based on mere crowd levels & recent data, not on any MNSSHP data. If everything else is “walk-on” (and wait times after 8pm seem to indicate this), is it really likely that 7DMT will still be >60 minutes right on up until midnight?

Anyone wish to take a stab at this? :slight_smile:

My personal guess, it will not be walk on, but I do not think it will be an hour long wait. It is the newest ride, it will have the most attention. My guess 20-45 mins. Watch at some of the parties and see how it is.

A lot of people enjoy the events, parades, dance parties, villain. You’re best bet would be to do this during one of the major events for the shortest line. That is if you are willing to miss it.

@Jedilogray based on wait times reported by lines app this evening, it seems your assessment is pretty much spot on.

Wow, that is funny, but the guess was an educated guess. Never been to MNSSHP or 7DMT but from all that I have read about here and elsewhere the guess made sense.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Love love love mnsshp! We are going 10/17 for the second year in a row…like everyone said the parade is amazing, my ds loves trick or treating, short lines and costumes everywhere! I stalked Instagram last night and saw that around 8ish someone posted a 10 min wait for A&E! So we will see… Last year in late oct pathways seemed crowded but we never waited for any rides! If you are watching first parade(we do) make sure to get there a little early to get a good spot!!! You will love it!!! We are so excited Togo back this year! Must.finish.minnie.costume.

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We go to WDW every October to celebrate dd bday usually 3rd week in October. Love it! Special treats, parade, fireworks, costumes! Waits are better than typical. 7dm was about 45 minutes all night last night! Go for it! Sweet memories will be made!