MNSSHP FPP... anyone make them yet?

Anyone make fpp for a party night yet and if so, what did you get/plans/times/etc...

I don't think you can. I'm going to the 9/1 party and I was only able to make FPP's up until right before 7pm. (my last one is 5:45-6:45)

Oh sorry I should have said from 4-7 smile what were you able to get @ly

I was able to get Tomorrowland Speedway, Buzz and 7DMT.

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We did! For 9/9 we got space mountain at 6pm. We have dinner at 1900 park fare before that so could only fit one in. Seems to have worked well! We will be getting to MK by 6pm and always start in tomorrowland so that FPP fit perfectly into our plan.


Hoping to get a 7dmt as well!

Good luck! I originally had Ariel and PP but changed those. I'm not touching my 7DMT. smile

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